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Close up image of white bottle of Johnson's baby powder isolated on black background.

J&J Baby Powder Lawsuits On Hold For Now

Healthcare giant Johnson and Johnson has sparked outrage by using a  controversial law to block nearly 40,000 pending lawsuits claiming their beloved baby powder has caused cancer for decades. Furthermore, the company knew this and did not disclose it.  The archaic Texas corporation law, known…

Sleep apnea CPAP mask on the white background

Are the Philips CPAP Recall Replacement Devices Safe?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently delivered more bad news to patients already affected by a major recall concerning particular Philips Respironics sleep apnea treatment devices, specifically CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) and BiPAP (bi-level positive airway pressure) machines and ventilators.   The machines were…

Decentralized Finance DeFI New Financial Platforms Cryptocurrencies

Guide to Decentralized Finance “DeFi”

Decentralized Finance, “DeFi,” is a technological movement towards cheaper and open access to financial services (such as borrowing and lending) by eliminating or reducing the costs and risks that comes with centralized intermediaries such as banks.  In line with the decentralization ethos of cryptocurrency, DeFi…

Lansing Michigan - Capitol Building Facade

Michigan Sex Abuse Laws: Legislators Continue to Push For New Bills

There is no region of the country that is immune to sex abuse crimes. However, in recent years the state of Michigan has been in the news repeatedly for sex abuse cases involving university doctors and student-athletes. First, it was Larry Nassar, the former USA…

Two unlabeled vials of fluid sit on a POISON sign with skull and crossbones

How Is Paraquat Poisoning Diagnosed?

Paraquat is a popular herbicide (weed and grass killer) developed in the 1960s that remains legal for commercial farming and agriculture in the U.S. It is estimated that over eight million pounds are used annually. Yet, paraquat, also known as the common brand name Gramoxone,…

security guard with blurred crowd of audience or diversity people at concert venue entrance.

Injured Astroworld Festival Security Guards Not Trained for Mass Casualty Event Filing Lawsuits

Samuel Bush still can’t get the images out of his head. “​All I can think about is those deaths,” he said.  The morning of Nov. 5, the 46-year-old arrived at NRG Park in Houston to work security at Astroworld Festival, a sold-out concert hosted by…

Computer Technology NFT Conceptual Design

What Lawyers Need to Know about NFTs

An NFT, or “non-fungible token,” is a token that represents a unique, digital item that exists on the blockchain.  If that sentence sounds like a bunch of cryptocurrency industry jargon to you, don’t fret– we’ll unpack every component below.  Token. To understand NFTs, you should…

gynecologist chair with light shining behind

Understanding the Paragard IUD Removal Process

Modern medicine has transformed birth control into a way for women to have power over their own choices. More than a dozen options are available, from a daily pill or patch to a monthly injection to a tiny implant in the upper arm. One of…

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