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3M Signage Logo Top of Glass Building

Largest Verdict Yet in 3M Military Earplug Lawsuits

Those serving this country in the military put themselves in harm’s way. Their commitment and dedication to our nation are heroic. However, what most soldiers don’t expect is to be injured by a product that was supposed to protect them while serving. Such is the…

Employment Code for Employees and Independent Contractors

App-Based Business Battles Continue Over Gig Workers’ Employment Status

As more Americans take on work within the gig economy to make ends meet, exploring the legal issues that those with side hustles face is vitally important. Determining employment status and other employee benefits is necessary to ensure that those employed within the gig economy…

roundup spray bottles on aa store shelf

Biden Administration Recommends Supreme Court Reject Roundup Appeal

Early in May, President Biden and his administration urged the Supreme Court not to hear an appeal regarding Roundup and its manufacturer Bayer. The case in question is Hardeman v. Monsanto Co., originally filed and argued in California. The plaintiff, Edwin Hardeman, believed that Roundup…

memorial at Robb elementary school dedicated to the victims of the May shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Can Lawsuits Be Filed Against Uvalde Gun Maker?

On May 24, an 18-year-old gunman stormed Robb Elementary School, killing two teachers and 19 students before law enforcement killed the shooter. The gunman purchased his first gun legally on his 18th birthday, only one week before the shooting. While a nation tries to make…

pro-choice demonstrators on what they are fighting for to preserve their Women's rights regarding abortion.

How Do Various States Stand on Abortion Laws?

Every morning in this country, women could wake up concerned about an unwanted pregnancy. Women may decide to terminate a pregnancy due to the mother’s physical health, potential health issues for the unborn baby, a pregnancy caused by rape or another personal reason. It has…

A purple pillar in the mall with the Shield of the NFL

What Is Happening with Jon Gruden’s Lawsuit Against the NFL?

Over the course of the NFL’s 2021-2022 season, two major lawsuits have come out against the organization. One lawsuit related to the Miami Dolphin’s former head coach, Brian Flores, and the other by former Las Vegas Raider’s head coach, Jon Gruden. In October 2021, multiple…

southern baptist convention building in Nashville, TN

Southern Baptist Convention Confronts History of Sexual Abuse

A reckoning many people consider a long-time-coming is underway within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).  Results of an investigation released last month revealed that for over 20 years, sexual abuse victims attempting to report crimes to leaders of the Southern Baptist Convention were often ignored…

Sleep apnea syndrome, nasal tongue blocked airway

Are There Sleep Apnea Treatment Alternatives After CPAP Recall Fallout?

CPAP machines can save the lives of sleep apnea sufferers, but last year’s extensive Philips Respironics CPAP recall proved that these devices come with risks. Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders, and about 22 million Americans have the condition. It’s characterized…

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