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Supreme Court’s DACA decision far from a final answer for Dreamers

A Supreme Court ruling this week blocking the Trump administration’s attempt to immediately shut down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, relieves, for the time being, the uncertainty 650,000 children born to undocumented immigrants have faced since President Donald Trump’s second year in office. But the struggle for the “dreamers,” as that group is called, is far from over.

qualified immunity

Supreme Court and Trump administration stand in the way of those seeking changes to lawsuit protection for police

The Supreme Court on Monday stood by its 50-year-old doctrine that many civil rights groups consider a shield for gross police misconduct. Even as protesters continue to take to the streets against police brutality, the court denied eight petitions addressing the qualified immunity doctrine, which can protect law officers from being sued, even in cases of egregious misconduct.