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Troops in a lineup

Trump’s efforts to use military inspire volunteers to protect against illegal orders

Amid concerns that President Trump might order the military to act unlawfully, three experts in military law created a project to provide free legal advice to members of the military who fear they might have been given illegal orders. One of the project founders said…

Barbed wire , Immigration Law and flag of United States Of America

Reduced prison sentences lead to deportation for hundreds

More than 7,000 federal prisoners saw their sentences reduced by the 2018 First Step Act. But hundreds of those people face deportation. Some call First Step an example of inflated hopes and modest reality. While it decreases prison overcrowding and improves prison conditions, it does…

Scientist in the laboratory with test tube and virus.

Vaccines should come with protection against risks, experts say

Editor’s note: With the recent vaccine news, the Legal Examiner is publishing this updated followup version of a previously published article. UPDATE: As the country gears up for a massive program to administer COVID-19 vaccines, some experts are recommending increased protections for anyone who may…

Migrants from Central America cross the US-Mexico border to seek asylum in the United States.

Asylum seekers likely to lose under Trump administration

Immigrants who face torture, rape and other forms of persecution in their home countries have long faced a gamble when they attempt to find protection in the United States.  Under the Trump administration, the odds of succeeding have grown significantly longer, according to a recent…

Equal Justice Under Law engraving above entrance to US Supreme Court Building.

You can’t watch the Supreme Court, but you can hear it

Ned Manning, an attorney for 30 years in North Carolina, had heard mentions over the decades that another lawyer from his small hometown of Kinston had argued a civil rights case before the U.S. Supreme Court.  “Fred Harrison was a general practitioner and did criminal…

image of an electric chair scale model on a dark backgorund

The death penalty: Emotion, numbers and the law collide

Lisa Marie Montgomery is 52 and mentally ill, living on a cocktail of psychotropic drugs that only occasionally help her recognize the reality of her federal prison cell. She is also the only woman — the first in nearly 70 years — to face an…

United States Supreme Court building exterior.

Supreme Court cameras an issue that won’t go away

In an era of deep political division and more contentious confirmations of the three most recent justices, the arguments for cameras in the U.S. Supreme Court might be stronger than in past decades. It’s not a new idea. The first bill proposing to allow  cameras…

3d rendering of coronavirus in prison

Is coronavirus the new death penalty in America’s prisons?

 As COVID-19 cases rose, fell and now rise again across the country,  prisons and youth detention facilities have consistently continued to see high numbers of infection and yes, death, leading some to call it the new death penalty. According to the ACLU’s Death by Incarceration…

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