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I routinely receive questions posed about lawsuits – "how much is my claim worth?", "why do I have to deal with an insurance company?", or "how long until I receive my settlement check?" are typical examples. But these are questions posed not by my clients, but by clients of other attorneys. Why would these people ask a stranger these important questions rather than their lawyer?

Far too many people worry about appearing uneducated or unsophisticated and so hesitate from asking questions of their lawyer. Keep in mind, your lawyer is working for you presumably for a respectable amount of compensation. You deserve to have a clear understanding of your legal matter – what are the theories of liability and what defenses you will likely face. You should also have all your damages clearly identified and documented – not just generic descriptions like “possible future medical expenses” but a discussion with your medical care provider and lawyer about specific treatments, associated cost and probability of the treatment being necessary.

Litigation, particularly a personal injury claim, is a collaboration between client and attorney. By asking questions, you will be better informed and able to contribute more productively toward the common goal of a successful outcome. If you get push back, remind the attorney that you are ultimately the decision maker. If resistance continues, then consider finding a different legal team with which to work.

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