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Blame Bush for all the problems America is facing right now!

Claim you are responsible for ANY improvement in ANYTHING that is happening in America!

Obama, you are still on the campaign trail. Personally I wish you would spend your time being the President. You won. Go do your job and stop campaigning. The amount of time you spend on camera is proof positive, you are not running the American Presidency. There is someone behind you with a plan you are implementing for them. Any time you are challenged on anything, your response is: "I won." You have no idea what is really going on. You are the front guy for an organization making the biggest power grab in American History.

Yes, you won. Your win, however, was not 100%. It was 52%. Your win does not give you the right to ignore the other 48%. Your win does not give you the right to keep a shredder behind your desk in the Oval Office to shred the Constitution.

You are not invisible. Intelligent Americans see your incredibly dishonest tactics.

Robert Gibbs nose must be one million miles long by now. What does he do every day? Have a plastic surgeon remove the evidence. Day after day he stands there at the White House press conferences, telling lies upon lies upon lies.

I tell you for sure. I AM NOT ASTROTURF! Praise the Lord there are thousands of Americans showing up all across America telling CONGRESS…STOP!!!

Stop spending money we don’t have. This is not about Health Care. This is about power. You have obviously been studying all the major dictators in the world…Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, Castro…making them your buddies as you travel the world.

2012 will definitely be your Waterloo…again, you are not invisible…Americans everywhere know you do not stand for American values and you sully the American Presidency and what Americans stand for. You and your Democratic party will no longer hold the majority in Congress. You will no longer hold sway over America.

I am proud to be an American. You will not change that. Through your own mishandling of the Presidency, you will soon be history. You and your Democratic Congress will lose the elections in 2010 and 2012. Praise the Lord!

You, of course, will BLAME everything I say on "Rascism". Get over it. This is not about rascism. This is about you, an unqualified man pretending to represent American values. You are intentionally destroying America and everything it stands for. I, for one, will stand up for my rights as an American. You will not destroy America, nor take it away from us.

Lana Keeton, grass roots, not astroturf…


  1. Gravatar for Nick Carroll

    Lana, this is an irrational rant with not an ounce of factual support referenced. I believe its time for InjuryBoard's relationship with you to come to an end. Good luck on your medical device safety endeavors.

  2. Gravatar for James Cool

    You bears noting that InjuryBoard is not a leftist organization and promotes conflicting/competing viewpoints. All we do ask is that you not use the forum as a podium for ranting lunacy.

    It's okay to say "Obama lies" if it's followed by some evidence. Just ranting incoherently isn't enough.

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