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According to a recent poll by visitors of, the popular Mirena intrauterine device (IUD) should be recalled.

At the time this blog was published, eighty-nine percent of the women who visited birth-control-talk and took the poll said Mirena should be recalled. Five percent said no there should not be a Mirena recall, while another six percent were unsure.

Based on this poll, an overwhelming majority of the women who use Mirena as birth control believe that a Mirena recall should be initiated.

Women who visited the site and commented on injuries are complaining of Mirena injuries similar to those complained of in the Mirena lawsuits that are being filed across the country.

Serious Mirena injuries can include perforation of the uterine wall and other abdominal organs caused by Mirena migration. Mirena migration can also cause an ectopic pregnancy. Mirena IUD warnings provided by Bayer did not include spontaneous migration or organ perforation as a result of Mirena migration. Women who experience Mirena migration are often required to undergo surgery as opposed to a routine Mirena removal.

To be fair, not all of the women who commented on the site complained of harmful Mirena side effects. There were some women who were pleased with the device and had experienced very little, if any, Mirena side-effects.

Like any type of birth control, Mirena affects everyone differently. Some women experience the IUD getting embedded in their uterus, while others experience Mirena falling out without causing any damage. Some women need to go through surgery to have the device removed, while others experience a Mirena removal free of complications.

Not all Mirena side effects are grounds for a Mirena lawsuit, but it does not hurt to seek out the opinion of an experienced Mirena lawyer regarding your options. However, legal advice is no substitute for medical advice. Before seeking out the help of a Mirena lawyer, any woman who is suffering from Mirena side effects is urged to speak with her OB/GYN or another medical professional as soon as possible. Some Mirena side effects can be normal and insignificant, but other Mirena injuries can cause permanent damage to vital organs or the reproductive system.

To see the results of the poll, vote, or comment, please visit:

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