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The name of the third victim in a February 3. 2010 fatal Tennessee highway accident has been released. The head-on collision claimed the lives of 34-year-old, Frankie Langley, 39-year-old, Karen Miles, and young Jeremy Miles, Karen’s 12-year-old son. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Mr. Langley was driving southbound on Maynard Highway when he crossed the center line and collided with Ms. Miles, who was heading northbound. Reports indicate that Mr. Langley was driving at an excessive speed. Although no other factors have surfaced, alcohol and drugs have not been ruled out. Toxicology reports are still pending. What we do know is that Mr. Langley was driving at excessive speed and Ms. Miles was not wearing a seatbelt. Had Mr. Langley been driving the speed limit he probably would not have crossed the centerline. Had Ms. Miles been wearing a seat belt, she may have survived. We don’t know whether young Jeremy or Mr. Langley wore seat belts that day.

Two young adults and one young child have departed this world too soon. Gone: a husband and father of two young daughters. Gone: a wife and mother of two young children who were both injured passengers, but are in stable condition. Gone: a child, a son and brother. Why? This terrible automobile accident could have been avoided; these fatalities prevented. It is sometimes difficult to believe that a piece of fabric and a little metal can be such a vital difference between life and death, but evidence has repeatedly shown that a seat belt can in fact save your life. It might have made the difference for at Ms. Miles. Seat belt or not, Mr. Langley was speeding and crossed the centerline; without his negligent conduct, the accident would not have occurred. Pending further investigation, we, simply, do not know all the factors that led to the fate of the Langley and Miles families. Lawsuit Financial extends its deepest sympathy for these two families.

If you or a loved one is involved in an auto accident and believe you can recover damages for loss, it is important to seek an attorney that specializes in auto accidents. Sometimes the result of an auto accident can have a financial impact on the plaintiff and his/her family. There may be mortgage payments, medical bills, funeral expenses, and financial hardship due to loss of wages. If you are experiencing such a situation, lawsuit funding may assist injury victims and their families while they await settlement or other resolution of the case. Lawsuit funding is usually absolutely contingent upon case recovery; if you do not recover money in your lawsuit, lawsuit funding is free; you do not have to pay it back.

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