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In a bizarre twist of fate, a California woman advertising her Corvette for sale took it on a test drive with a prospective buyer, and got into a one vehicle automobile accident. The driver was killed; the passenger, the potential buyer, was seriously injured.

The Corvette was a 2003 model; it was in good shape despite yeoman’s duty on the road. It still had speed to spare and the owner was proud of it. She was excited to demonstate its speed and handling; she was trying to sell it and was willing to show it off to any and all buyers.

The woman had a buyer show up at her Laguna Hills home and offered to take the young man in his late 20’s for a spin. The man thought this was a good idea; he wanted to see how the sports car ran and whether it was in good mechanical condition. The car’s owner, in an apparent attempt to show off the car’s speed and handling, floored it. However, in doing so, she lost control of the vehicle, hit a curb, slammed into a tree and promptly broadsided another tree before coming to a deadly halt.

The driver was pronounced dead at the scene and the severely injured passenger was taken to a local hospital to get treated for his injuries. The extent of his injuries is unknown at this time and an investigation is pending into the fatal wreck.

Depending on the nature and extent of the young man’s wounds from the wreck, there is a good chance he may have life-altering injuries; ones that will mean he may not be able to work, be able to walk, or even have much of a normal life. In accidents like this, the chances are high for blunt force trauma; serious bodily injury and/or traumatic brain injury can result from high speed automobile accidents. Air bag deployment and seat belt use can also play an important role. Other injuries may develop over time; spine, neck, back, and disc injuries, even internal organ trauma often start out as simple whiplash tyoe injuries. All automobile accident victims, whether seriously injured or not, should make a precautionary visit to their doctor.

Speed kills; showing off is not wise. Here, a driver is dead and a young passenger is severely injured because the driver wanted to showcase how fast the car could go and how well the car handled at high rates of speed. This case sends an important message to muscle or sports car drivers, young or old. Speed is a significant factor in the vast majority of automobile accidents on our nation’s roads.

The unfortunate young sports car buyer is likely to face a long road to recovery. If he pursues litigation, he should do so with an experienced automobile accident attorney. If he needs financial assistance as he pursues his case, he may be a candidate for lawsuit funding. Ordinary bills and expenses as well as extraordinary medical bills, therapy, medications and appliances are all items that can be financed with lawsuit funding. And, lawsuit funding is almost always non-recourse funding; if, for some reason, his case fails, his obligation to repay a lawsuit funding company would be completely excused. A lawsuit cash advance would give him and his attorney the time to pursue the case to a just resolution, rather than have to give up, settling too early for too little because of pressing financial need.

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