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This week, Keeping Us Safe unveiled a new program titled "Clergy and the Older Driver". The program was sponsored by the Benjamin Rose Institute and received a very positive response from those in attendance. The seminar was designed for all denominations and for all religions.

This unique 2-hour workshop was developed in response to inquiries from the religious community to provide them with additional tools and a roadmap for how to more appropriately address the complex and sensitive issues surrounding the safety of older drivers.

As many can attest, the power of spirituality can play a vital role in helping older adults in their quest to make successful life transitions as a direct result of the aging process. As well, the role of the clergy can be paramount in helping the older driver make a smooth transition from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat.

Topics addressed in the workshop include:

• Identifying areas of concern involving older drivers

• Keeping older drivers safe by assisting in the development of attainable lifestyle changes (as needed)

• Early intervention tools for identifying signs of decline in an older driver’s skills

• Understanding methods to intercede or to provide appropriate direction to concerned family members

• Ensure that the self-worth and personal independence of the older driver is never un-necessarily placed in jeopardy

• Introduction to a comprehensive list of low and no-cost resources, available not only to members of the clergy, but also to the older driver and their respective families.

In addition to the outstanding accommodations and refreshments provided by the Benjamin Rose Institute, the morning also served as an excellent fellowship and networking event.

The valuable partnership that exists between clergy professionals and Keeping Us Safe is critical in helping to keep older drivers, safe drivers. By continuing to develop this partnership, we can help make our communities safer places to live, work and recreate for everyone!

If you would like to learn more about this exciting program, or how to have it brought to your area, please visit the Keeping Us Safe website, or call us toll-free at 877-907-8841.

Matt Gurwell

Founder & CEO

Keeping Us Safe


Twitter: @keepingussafe

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