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A mother, Beverly Tarter, dropped her two-year-old daughter, Imani, at daycare on the morning of April 29. What happened later that day will affect her life forever. Dewan McKeithan, boyfriend of Tarter and father of Imani, picked up the little girl without Tarter’s knowledge. McKeithan was driving without a license; he was also driving under the influence. He ran a stop-sign; his pick-up truck was hit by a vehicle that could not stop in time. McKeithan lost control of the pick-up truck and slammed into a tree. The little girl was thrown more than 50 feet and landed under another vehicle. Why? Because McKeithan failed to properly restrain the child in a car seat. In fact, he placed her in the front seat without even considering fastening her seat belt. Imani was quickly transported to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Mr. Mckeithan remains in critical condition at Henry Ford Hospital.

The loss of a child is the bitterest bill for any parent. When it is your only child, it may be even more devastating. Ms. Tarter’s world has changed forever. Her dreams for her daughter’s future are gone, but also are her dreams for more children. Ms. Tarter learned recently that because she has Type 1 Diabetes, she will unable to bear more children.

There are many unanswered questions in this case. Why was Mr. McKeithan driving without a license? Why did he pick up his daughter? Where was he headed? Hopefully, officials and Ms. Tarter will get some answers from McKeithan soon. He will be facing charges of causing death while driving under the influence. Ms. Tarter will most likely pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. Her first step will be to obtain an attorney that specializes in auto accident cases. In the meantime, Tarter is struggling to pay for the funeral expenses. Donations are being taken at the First Community Baptist Church, 17357 Clinger in Detroit. Call (313) 893-4275 for more information.

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