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Recently, I spoke to a young lady who shared a sad story with me. She was in a serious auto accident that was not her fault and she suffered serious, disabling, injuries. To add insult to her injuries, her husband had recently lost his job; not only did the couple experience this double income loss, they had a house payment, car payment (on a car that was totaled in the accident), medical bills, plus substantial ongoing monthly bills. In the current economic climate, a bank loan was out of the question. Thus, their potential lawsuit against the person who caused her accident was being considered in an atmosphere of total desperation.

In the midst of this physical duress coupled with emotional and financial pressure, she received a telephone call from the insurance adjuster for the insurance company that represented the person responsible for her accident. Against her better judgment, she decided to pursue settlement talks without consulting a lawyer. After a few conversations and signing a release for the adjuster to obtain her medical records, she received an offer to settle the case. She was still in treatment and experiencing the effects of her serious, disabling injuries; she was not yet ready to return to work. She thought that a quick settlement would solve her financial problems; she would get the money she needed now!

But, after signing releases and receiving her check, she discovered that she was penny wise and pound foolish. The money quickly evaporated, she could not return to work, was still in treatment, and there was no end in sight. Her bills were out of control and she had a huge treatment bill that she could not pay. Her case was gone; she had sacrificed it for pennies on the dollar, settling far too soon for far too little. She had no understanding of the legal system, the importance of time and allowing treatment to take its course. Her need for immediate cash caused a rush to judgment. She ignored her inclination to call an attorney and did not realize that there were other, viable, solutions to her serious financial issues.

Studies have shown that the majority of people do not fight for fair compensation in personal injury auto accidents, even when they suffer serious injuries. Most of the time, they lack the financial resources to withstand the length of time that personal injury litigation takes to conclude. In simple terms, they do not have the time or money to fight for justice.

Consider the story of our accident victim; let’s start at her first decision. There are many reasons why she (and you, if you find yourself in her circumstances) needed to retain an attorney. Attorneys handle these cases, negotiate, settle or try them in court for a living. They know personal injury cases, the court system; they know how to represent you. Hiring an attorney will add more value to your case than the cost of an attorney. And, attorneys handle cases on a contingency fee basis; there are no up-front obligations in retaining their services. Because of this, you can hire the best attorney for the job. Furthermore, the attorney will handle the stress of the case; all you need to do is seek treatment and do whatever you can to get back on your feet; you are freed to do whatever it takes to become pain free (if that is possible), return to work and, hopefully, put your life back together. Personal injury lawyers do this for a living; some things are better left for the experts.

In our victim’s case, she settled too soon, for too little; she still can’t work and is drowning in regular and medical debt. So, her best decision would have been to hire an attorney. But, what about her precarious financial situation? She was in serious debt, was still disabled and in treatment. People who find themselves in this situation have options that they are probably not aware of. They probably don’t qualify for a loan and can’t afford the monthly payments.

Now that they have retained an experienced attorney, it is time to consider the services of an experienced provider of lawsuit funding services. Never heard of lawsuit funding? Lawsuit Financial is an experienced provider of lawsuit funding to the injured parties and/or their loved ones. We review case materials provided by your lawyer, and, if your case qualifies, provide you and your family the money you need to wait out the long legal process. You can pay your bills, receive and pay for treatment, and we will wait until your case settles for our repayment.

A lawsuit cash advance helps level the playing field by relieving your immediate financial pressures and allows you and your lawyer the time you need to get the compensation you deserve. And, if you lose the case, you do not have to repay the lawsuit funding company. We take the same risk your lawyer takes and we charge no fees unless you collect compensation in your pending lawsuit. Thus, there is no risk to you. Times are tough; staying current with your finances is a struggle. On top of everything else, you are now an auto accident victim. Don’t fall victim a second time, this time, to the insurance company. Do not be forced into accepting an inadequate offer.

Lawsuit Financial is a pro-justice litigation funding company that seeks to educate plaintiffs and attorneys about lawsuit funding. We exist to prevent insurance companies from forcing you to settle valuable cases for pennies on the dollar by taking advantage of your financial pressures to settle early and cheap. If you or someone you know can benefit from lawsuit funding, contact an experienced provider of this valuable service. You will be glad you did.

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