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Several employees of a Brooklyn hospital have been fired or
suspended after a psychiatric patient died in the waiting room of the hospital.
Staff members ignored the patient for an hour before any type of aid was
rendered. Attorneys representing the victim’s family have released a
surveillance tape that shows the tragic events that occurred the waiting room.

In the video you can see other people in the waiting room,
along with what looks like a uniformed police officer or security guard, and
several staff members pay very little attention to the woman for an hour while
she tossed and turned and eventually lay motionless on the floor. Finally staff
members do make an attempt to wake the woman and ultimately attempt to revive
the woman after it is realized that she has no pulse.

Sources said that the woman had been waiting in the room for
over 24 hours when the event occurred on June 19. The city Health and Hospital
Corporation has since increased hospital staff and says that they will now
check psychiatric patients every 15 minutes to ensure that this does not happen again.

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