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Most people who have read about the JFK assassination are familiar with the magic bullet theory. The magic bullet was an explanation concocted by the Warren Commission to perpetuate the claim that JFK was, in fact, wounded only by Lee Harvey Oswald’s shot in the Dallas Book Depository. That was one heck of a bullet. It positively defied the laws of physics, taking sharp turns and flipping around to hit the President multiple times. Logic and forensic evidence can easily disprove theories and explanations, like this one, that are offered to explain injuries.

That is what happened in the case of Alan Adams, which recently settled for $5.7 million. Adams was 18 when he was fatally shot in 2001 after allegedly running a stop sign in Stanislaus County, California. After a highway chase, police cruisers rammed his vehicle to stop him. Adams drove in reverse as he tried to flee, but Highway Patrolman Paul Speers shot him twice through the windshield.

In defense of his actions, Speers claimed that he was pinned between Adams’ car and his cruiser, and was forced to shoot in self-defense. However, after two eyewitnesses testified that Speers was not pinned between the cars, forensic evidence, including how the shell casings landed and the bullet trajectories, proved that the shots could not have been fired from where Speers was allegedly pinned.

Years after the accident and Adams’ death, the jury awarded $5.5 million to the family which was reduced by 20 percent for the deceased’s comparative negligence.

Obviously, the last thing anyone wants to think about after the death of a loved one is the expense that will result from his/her death. There are funeral expenses, burial costs, and remaining medical bills to be settled, as the family struggles to cope with their grief. Lawsuit Financial is a lawsuit financing company that assists survivors who are pursuing litigation for the wrongful death of a loved one. Legal finance services will help the surviving family members by covering unexpected, accident related expenses and waiting for repayment, contingent upon recovery or settlement of the case. If the case fails, for one reason or another, the survivors keep the funds without obligation to repay. This legal funding service has multiple benefits for those dealing with the loss of a loved one. From a practical standpoint, lawsuit funding means the family will only have to pay these unexpected expenses if or when the case resolves. Further, the family can focus on healing from their loss rather than calculating expenses and rushing to or worrying about how they will pay their bill. Lawsuit Financial has them covered.

Litigation can be a frustrating experience, especially when opposing parties present ludicrous, ‘magic bullet’ theories in an attempt to avoid liability. Clients and attorneys need to focus on the case at issue, not on an avalanche of accident related expenses. In these delicate, sometimes desperate situations, Lawsuit Financial is pleased to be of assistance. The call is free; the advice is priceless.

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