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Emergency Communications Plan Graphic 1 (Facebook)

Someone has just been in a horrific car accident.  They were knocked unconscious with serious injuries.  They have a driver’s license but no other information.  How will their family learn of the incident?  The police or emergency medical personnel will have to track down family or friends in order to let them know, but how much time will it take?

What if you had a card in your wallet, purse or glove compartment that had all of the pertinent information needed and would make contacting your family a snap?  Is your family prepared?  Will someone know if you were injured?

Here is an emergency form which could help with this situation.  Have each of your family members complete this form and put it in your wallet, purse, glove compartment or all three.  Hopefully, this form will never be needed, but if it is, your family won’t have to wait.

Also, with technology today, you can use your cell phone for this type of information.  “ICE” – “In Case of Emergency” can be added to your cell phone and can be accessed even if you have a password protection on your phone.  Here is more information on ICE.

At Lewis, Feldman & Lehane, LLC, we are always concerned about public safety and preventing injuries and death.  While our profession is devoted to helping those who have been injured or killed in car accidents, truck accidents and other incidents, we would like nothing better than to prevent the injuries on the front end.  While this form won’t prevent injuries, it can help with family communication and maybe alleviate some of the fears.

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