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Kurt Mix, the engineer, who was also the first person charged with a crime in the BP Oil Spill litigation, claims there is evidence that may clear him in the case. The former BP employee, was arrested last month for destroying evidence that could prove BP knowinlgy falsified statements and records of the rate that oil was leaking at the spill.

Lawyers for Mix contend there is evidence that fully exonerates him. Currently protected by an attoney / client priviledge for an unidentified third party, the evidence has not yet been made available to the prosecuters. "The evidence is key to Mix's defense," the engineer's lawyers said in the filing. They will proceed by asking the judge to allow the information to be used if the government moves forward with the case.

This indictment baffling the public, as to why the first criminal charge would be that of a lower-level engineer whose only involvement is that of deleting texts determining flow rate, and leaving everyone in wonder about charges focusing on those involved with causing the disaster. David Uhlmann, an environmental law professor at the University of Michigan and a former Chief of the Justice Department's environmental crimes section, states that if the said documents emerge to exonerate Mix, "it would be a major embarrassment to the government." Going on to say, "Today's developments underscore the need for the government to move forward with charges based on the oil spill and the worker deaths, rather than the obstruction to justice charges that are not at the heart of the matter."

The explosion on the Deepwater Horizon, that leaked millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico and killed eleven men working on the offshore drilling rig, has been the root of thousands of lawsuits. The Settlement is viewable to the public here. If you feel you may have a case to file in the suit you can contact us, we are representing several clients who have been impacted by the disaster.

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