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Pool Entrapment in the Movies

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Some of you may have noticed that in trailers for a new scary movie, The Final Destination, a character appears to become stuck over a pool drain amid a montage of unlucky young people about to meet their gory end. The Broward New Times has confirmed that the trailer’s insinuations are not misleading — The Final Destination contains a nasty evisceration scene, which may be "the silver screen’s first episode of pool-drain disembowelment."

Here is the trailer (the pool accident happens around the 1:29 mark):

And here is the Broward New Times piece.

Our thoughts? While it may not be pleasant to watch, the movie helps raise awareness about the very real threat of drain entrapment, and the need for layers of protection to protect against it. Safety Vacuum Release Systems and approved safety drain covers can ensure no one lives through a real life Final Destination, and people need to know that. Hopefully the film will raise this concern in circles where pool safety is not a normal topic of conversation.

1 Comment

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    We had a horrible example of this in Minnesota that changed the law, it has been good to see so many pools and whirlpools fixed as a result. It is important that this safety message continue to get out.