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Sudden Health Problems? Have You Had The Gardasil HPV Vaccines?



FDA Recalls: America’s (Legal) Drug Medication Problem

(For any person that received the Gardasil vaccinations and did not have any side effects or symptoms, please have a pap test done immediately. We are getting reports of these girls that had no side effects to the vaccine that are now getting cervical lesions and cervical cancer. So if you know of anyone that received Gardasil with no side effects, please tell them to get a pap test done immediately.)

When my 16 year old daughter suddenly started having symptoms such as numbness and tingling in both legs and left arm, overall weakness, stomach aches, pressure headaches, neck and back pain, brain fog, dizziness, increased heart rate, breathing problems, vision problems, I did not immediately associate it with Gardasil.

But after receiving an email on Gardasil and the side effects that so many of our young girls are suddenly coming down with, I put two and two together.

Of course, the doctor that literally forced this vaccine on us completely denied any association with Gardasil and her side effects. Test after test was done with all results coming back normal.

She continued to have these symptoms. After taking her to several doctors and having her rushed to the hospital by ambulance because of breathing problems, I started researching into this even further.

I have found SO many other mothers going through this same thing! Their daughters also have alot of the same symptoms that my daughter is having. There are alot of these girls that are having seizures, paralysis, fainting and even death.

I am a member of a yahoo group that has other mothers searching for answers. We are trying to get the word out to everyone we can about the dangers of Gardasil and the side effects that the doctors do not disclose to their patients about this dangerous vaccine.

If you know of anyone that has started having any of these symptoms, and they recently received any of the 3 shots for Gardasil, please email me or post to this blog. We will help you find the answers.





Stomach issues


Numbness/tingling in extremities





Blood clots

Rapid heartbeat

Breathing difficulties

Chest pain

Back pain

Arm / leg pain


Brain fog

Vision problems

Disruption to the menstrual cycle



Hair Loss


Severe joint and muscle pain (arthralgia)

Sensitivity to light

Respiratory problems

Posterial Orthostatic Tachacardia Syndrome (POTS)

Gastrointestional Disease

Frequent UTI’s

nerve pain

burning skin

muscle weakness

shortness of breath

swollen lymph nodes

*there are other symptoms…I will be adding*

Please sign the petition to investigate Gardasil Vaccine Risks here.


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  1. Rosemary Mathis says:
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    My 13 year old daughter was injured by Gardasil and completely disabled for the past year. Merck got it right when they used the slogan “One Less” for Gardasil. Because of Gardasil, my daughter was “One Less”. She was “One Less Student”, “One Less Active Child”, “One Less in every aspect of her life”. Take it from a mother who has spent the past year sitting by my child’s bedside wondering if she would die in her sleep. INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU VACCINATE. DO NOT trust your doctor to make this decision. If you want to understand Merck’s role in the medical community, investigate some of their former wonderdrugs such as VIOXX and then marvel at how many people died from it before it was pulled off the market. The CDC AND FDA need to do their job and get this off the market before more children are harmed. The public is not aware of VAERS and the #’s are grossly understated. I have had to tell my child’s doctors about VAERS and make them file reports or she would not be one of the current statistics in VAERS. Even then, her information has not been entered correctly so I know that VAERS is not what it should be. Please do not let this happen to your child. There is NO WAY that I will get my son this vaccine.

  2. Laurie Smith says:
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    My daughter, age 14 at the time, was given the Gardasil vaccine on June 9, 2009. I specifically asked the doctor if it had any side effects because my daughter is prone to adverse reactions…she ASSURED me that the ONLY possible reaction was rash or redness at the injection site. “This vaccine is VERY safe.”
    were her exact words. Within 30 minutes of the shot, Ashlee began feeling ill. She began running fever by that night with severe muscle aches, headache, vomiting, diahrrea, numbness in her shoulder and dizziness. I phoned the doctor the next day and asked again if the vaccine could be what was making her sick, again she said that it was not possible and that she probably picked up a bug in the office. Since that dreadful day, my daughter has had a lot of the symptoms subside. But she was later diagnosed with PID, (pelvic inflammatory disease) which is normally caused from a sexually transmitted disease, and she was tested negative for those 3 times. She also suffers from brain fog, gastrointestional disorders and she vomits after almost every meal! When she goes an entire day of not vomiting, we celabrate!! She has had several ER visits, been hosptialized, undergone every test, blood work and procedure known to the medical field, and like all the other Gardasil victim’s, all show that everything is ‘normal’! Vomiting after every meal is not normal folks. I praise God every day that there was information on the WEB about Gardasil because I stopped the other two injections.(making her doctor very mad!) I just wish that I would have not believed the doctor and told her that I would check into it before I agreed to the first shot of hidden poisons. Her vibrant life of cheer leading, soccer, running or just hanging with friends has changed. As a mother, that is suppose to protect my daughter, it literally tears my heart out of my chest when she asks me when she will get better…and I don’t have the answer! I have met other victims with the same symptoms…they are in their second year. I won’t even tell her that. We now live day to day with hands that pray. PLEASE, investigate before you vaccinate!!! It’s not worth the risk, it’s not worth the risk, listen, IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK!!!!!!!!

  3. Mary says:
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    My daughter received the gardasil shot in 2007. She was going in for her boosters and I counted one more needle than I had papers explaining the vaccine. I asked what the extra needle was and the nurse told me it was gardasil. I explained that I didn’t have that paper. She said “I iwll get it for you and then injected my daughter as I said “I DONT WANT HER TO HAVE THAT!”

    Not long after (a few weeks) I noticed her neck twitching sharply to one side randomly. She also complained of numbness in her fingers and toes and complained of joint and muscle pains. I researched it online a bit and read a website that said teens may develop a tic in this time in their life but it shouldn’t last long. I dont even remember that website. I took her to the doctors a few weeks later and all kinds of tests were eventually ran. Everything came back normal.
    I then took it upon myself to do my own medical research. I found that her twitches started a few weeks after she was injected with the gardasil vaccine. Researching the effects of gardasil and more into this drug I am undoubtedly convinced that this was the culprit. She received the “U lot” (the lot number with letter ender). That lot specifically has problems as stated in a credible website I read.
    I thank God that she only received one shot and that her symptoms are not as harsh as the ones I’ve read. I just hope that the symptoms she does have do not worsen. It’s time to get this drug off the market and stop letting these pharmaceutical companies using our children as guinea pigs for their research. They need to take a little more time to develop them and make sure they are safe. Or they should use them on their own daughters first if they are so convinced they are safe.

  4. karen a haack says:
    up arrow

    My daughter was 14 when she was vaccinated. She developed peripheral neuropathy in both feet almost immediately, she has had bloody stools, bloody noses, migraine headaches almost daily with fainting and loss of the use of her legs. She has low body temperture and low blood pressure. She has also lost peripherl vision in her left eye. She has had no period since her first vaccine in November of 2007. Not one doctor will admit that Gardasil did this. She was given the gardasil vaccine at the same time as the flu shot. Our lives are total hell now. She now sleeps on a CPAP for sleep apnea. She had a sleep study one month before gardahell that was perfect. Shortly after the vaccine she had another sleep study which showed she had to have a CPAP. She stops breathing at night. nice huh. I could go on for days and days the symptoms are horrible and non-relenting. She has had every symptom stated in Teresa post..Except for pancreatis…but was her pancreas ever checked…no I don’t think so. Whatever you do if you stumble upon this website do not do this to your children. I forgot to mention the only way I linked her illness to the gardasil was when her arm became paralysed for 7 hours after her third shot. If it hadn’t been for that I would have never known. Our lives have been totally disrupted by this Weapon of Mass destruction unleashed upon the most innocent. Our sweet young innocent girls. We have nowhere to turn none of the doctors can help….but do they know what they have done….

  5. Freda Birrell says:
    up arrow

    Gardasil and Cervarix are two very dangerous vaccines, causing deaths and severe health problems for those who are vaccinated. All young women who are part of these programmes are being used as guinea pigs as neither pharmaceutical company can give guarantees of life long protection, the best is six years with the wording “we hope to be able to extend,but cannot say that at the moment”. Parents were never informed that their daughters would be part of ongoing trials, were never informed that there could be serious side effects. Dr Diane Harper warned us here in Scotland last November 2008 that we should wait another four years before starting out on this programme of vaccination – because she couldnt guarantee that Cervarix was safe, still work to be done on the side effects which she was aware of and especially those being experienced by young girls and women in America. How many deaths will it take or how many young women have to be handicapped before someone will listen? http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/120408
    The next generation of our young women across the world have never been in such danger as they are now. The pharmaceutical companies know so little about these vaccines that they cannot tell what long term effects will be experienced in years to come. Evidence is starting to appear in America of young women who have been vaccinated are discovering that they are infected with the HPV virus, this is being identified after screening some two years after having been vaccinated.
    This is the legacy which the pharmaceutical companies are leaving to the next generation.

  6. Denise Melton says:
    up arrow

    “ONE LESS” has been mentioned by one of the writers. Our family is also “ONE LESS”. Jessie had all three shots of Gardasil. After the second shot she and her mother notices the headaches, Muscle aches, and fatigue. Jessie was taken to the doctor that gave her the Gardasil. The doctor said it was just stress. Jessie was a cheerleader; a member of the National Honor Society, Played many sports and was practicing for softball, which was about to start.
    Jessie went with her mother on February 20, 2008 for the third shot of Gardasil. The next night she told her mother that the headache was back and went to bed. Her mother went to work early the next day and upon returning home from work found Jessie dead. She had been dead for several hours. The medical examiner said, “She was dead before she hit the floor”. Still he could find no cause for her death.
    Gardasil was typed into the computer and the nightmares that came up were shocking. We have been in contact with several families that have also lost their daughters to the vaccine that was to protect them. If we had only known that there were other side effects other than the few that were listed by Merck. Jessie would NEVER have received this wonder vaccine that is killing and maiming our girls.
    Since Jessie’s death we have been researching and cannot believe that the FDA and the CDC have not pulled this product off the market. There are so many unanswered questions. They are calling all of the deaths (48 plus) just in the U.S. that we know of, sheer coincidences. There have been 15,000 adverse reactions also reported just in the U.S. Statistics show that only 1%-10% is ever reported to VAERS, which is a very small percentage. Many families do not know to report the reactions or how to report them. It is not mandatory for doctors to report the adverse reactions so many doctors do not report them.
    Gardasil trials by Merck brought many new medical conditions to many of the girls and women that were being used for the studies.
    HPV is a virus that the body can fight off over a period of time. The virus COULD cause cervical cancer, NOT WOULD cause cancer. In the U.S. cervical cancer is on the decline with the Pap test and other forms of detection. We do not have an epidemic of cervical cancer so why is Merck pushing to have every girl vaccinated. YOU GUESSED IT!!!! The answer is MONEY. Merck lost a lot of money with the drug VIOX. This drug was also killing people and had to be removed from the market. This is why my family and many others are fighting so hard to remove gardasil from the market. We do not want other families to suffer the loss of a child or have a daughter that is unable to function a normal life because of something that was suppose to keep her safe.
    Please do not have your daughter vaccinated without researching Gardasil
    A grandmother who knows.

  7. Teresa Allen says:
    up arrow

    Thank you for sharing your stories.

    It just makes me SICK to hear all these stories of sick girls and yet, these vaccines are still on the market.

    It’s all about the $$$ and Big Pharms.

    Why is it that an over-the-counter medication can have just a small handful of side effects reported and it’s quickly removed from the market, yet we have THOUSANDS of young girls that are having the same/similar symptoms after receiving these HPV vaccines and NOTHING is being done???

  8. R. Boyce says:
    up arrow

    My daughter had Gardasil. She developed pneumonia, migraines, hair loss, menopausal symptoms and was sent to the hospital twice for dehydration. This vaccine has polysorbate in it – a known carcinogen and an ingredient known to cause sterility in animals. It is also used in contraceptives. Thank goodness I found a yahoo group with supportive families. My daughter is now doing better – thanks to multiple vitamins. She’s on a B complex, C, D3 and niacin (ONLY TO BE TAKEN AFTER BEING IN A VERY SPECIFIC DIET FOR SEVERAL MONTHS). She has what I believe is pk deficiency (pyruvate kinase deficiency). It is more common than earlier thought and I believe most Americans have this genetic “trait.” Do your research. Any hereditary ailment in your family is most likely pk deficiency. It is not discussed because 1) many doctors have never been trained to look for it and 2) it is the bread and butter of the pharmaceutical and medical community. Please DO NOT vaccinate. If you do decide to get vaccines, do your homework first – look into EACH ingredient to make certain it is safe. I wish I had.

  9. Robin says:
    up arrow

    My 17 year old has been suffering from the side effects of Gardasil since Feb 09. She complained of muscle&joint pain after the 1st shot, and even more after the 2nd one.We did NOT know it was a side effect. The 3rd shot pushed her little body over the edge. She started having non epileptic seizures, severe muscle spasms in her back, she is totally fatigued all the time STILL. Her DR says she has a neurological disorder. Sometimes it goes into her eyes, causing them to quiver and roll back into her head. This week, she lost her vision, could only see images. It is a very scary thing for everyone involved. Will it ever end? It seems like once one thing slows down, something new comes up. She is a SR and cheerleader at school, she is fighting very hard to continue to be an honor student, but it is taking a toll on her. She sleeps a LOT. Her social life is pretty much nothing. Gardasil has done a lot of damage to these girls, and it is not fair. We made a choice to protect them from HPV, not damage them and stop their lives. It sucks to watch your daughter struggle every single day. It’s difficult to put a smile on and look her in the eyes and tell her, WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS. When I lay in bed, I wonder if we will. My daughter was a healthy active teenager prior to the Gardasil shots. I hope SOON that someone steps up and listens to the damage that has been done.

  10. Joseph says:
    up arrow

    I don`t understand why didn`t they stop using that drug if it has so many side effects. Go to a TV station with as many people you can get and let people know the truth.

  11. Denise Melton says:
    up arrow

    Many of the moms of Gardasil girls have gone to the media but were turned down. Then many were heard and the report was televised. As you know the BIG PHARMA’S have the money to keep advertising and speaking louder. Have you looked at the money that Merck has given to our government officials to get them reelected? The pharmaceutical companies have the government in their back pockets. It’s funny how money talks. Most of our advertisement is by word of mouth and the internet.

  12. Lorinda says:
    up arrow

    It has been eleven months today that my daughter had her first episode from the Gardasil shots,thats when the whole nightmare began and has never stopped. My daughter is eighteen and cannot live a normal life, thanks to Merck. My daughter was diagnosed with: vagal vasal syncope,bradycardia,and heart arythmias. She hardly made it through her senior year, she did not get to attend her high school ceremony because she was passed out on our bathroom floor and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. She is missing out on so much, because of her condition. One week she passed out twelve times,how can she live a normal life. The doctors don’t know when this will go away, we have been told it could be years.She is on alot of different meds, but nothing seems to work. No matter how much they increase the dosage, it does not work. She is constantly tired, headaches,aching joints, and sometimes vommits. We have been to many cardiologists. Some recommend a pacemaker, some dont. They dont know what suddenly caused this. They say she is a difficult but interesting case. I have mentioned the gardasil shot to all the doctors, only one said it could be connected to the shot. The others act as if it is not possible. They say there is no proof that my daughters condition is connected to the gardasil shot, then i want someone to prove its not. If anyone has any information about what can be done to get our voices heard, please let me know

  13. Teresa Allen says:
    up arrow

    Please join me at yahoo groups. Type in ‘Lets Talk About Gardasil’ and join.

    I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through these last several months if it hadn’t been for the love and support that I have received there!

    We have over 400 members, all with Gardasil injured girls. We share and learn what is helping our daughters. We also have a doctor that is a member that is helping alot of our girls.

    I urge you to join. It really does help to find others that are going through the same thing that you are going through.

    My prayers are with each and every one of you that have shared your stories here.

  14. Facebook User says:
    up arrow

    I am glad I noticed all of this information by accident. I am so sorry for the many families that have suffered due to this vaccine. I have a 12 year old and i was thinking about this for her. Thanks to reading all of these articles, I will no longer be thinking about getting it, unless someone can prove to me that this wouldn’t happen to her.

  15. Facebook User says:
    up arrow

    I am 19 years old and got the shot 2 years ago. I only got 2 shots. Every since, I have had heart problems, pain, elevated blood pressure, migraines, seizures, constant periods(one for a year straight), that caused me to be anemic, hair loss, low immune system so i catch everything, syncope(passing out), weakness, tired all the time, numbness,stomache aches, sensitivy to light, MAJOR brain fog, Chest pains, shortness of breath and breathing problems, and many others. The worst part about it is I got a job with the local sheriff’s office and worked really hard to get where I am at and now I am losing my job because I stay so sick and have so many problems. Many days I leave because of bad chest pains or migraines. I sleep all the time due to my severe migraines so at 19, I really have no life. My friends dont understand why I dont feel good anymore. I went from being outside all the time to not being able to be in the sun or the heat so I have to stay inside. My life has changed so much. I would not recomend this shot to my worst enemy!

  16. ondine langford says:
    up arrow

    As I write, my daughter is going to the hospital for chest pains. Since she had two vaccinations, she has had chest pains, severe rashes on her face, head-aches. She fainted after the first vaccination and we were told by the doctor that this is normal. I am scared to death at what the doctor’s might find. I am hoping that it is only stress. But she was perfectly healthy before this vaccination.

    It is a CRIME that they are allowed to vaccinate our girls!

  17. ondine langford says:
    up arrow

    As I write, my daughter is going to the hospital for chest pains. Since she had two vaccinations, she has had chest pains, severe rashes on her face, head-aches. She fainted after the first vaccination and we were told by the doctor that this is normal. I am scared to death at what the doctor’s might find. I am hoping that it is only stress. But she was perfectly healthy before this vaccination.

    It is a CRIME that they are allowed to vaccinate our girls!

  18. Denise Durden says:
    up arrow

    I had my daughtered vaccinated after her yearly visit. Our doctor reccommended it strongly. It has taken 2 years for us to finally figure out what was wrong with her. A friend posted a video on facebook and that is how we learned of this. She has been to numerous doctors including cardiologist, internal medicine, 3 neuroligist, a couple of GP’s and not one on them mentioned this could be the problem….she has no life now because of this shot. The second shot was all it took….Why are we not being told about this? We are not looking for a lawsuit MERCK…WE WANT OUR DAUGHTERS BACK….Ironically a childhood friend of mine is the spokesperson on the Gardisil Commercial..I messaged her …if you would like to send her a message …she is on facebook…Jill Powell…you will recognize the face from the commercial.

  19. N/A says:
    up arrow

    Im 15 and my mom so far had me get the first shot of garsasile and is now wanting me to go back toget the other two. I viciously refuse but she wants me to any way. Im worried because almost everyone i know has been having side affects but not me. I dont want to get sick…or worse. i am trying to get as much info to convince her not to let me get the next two. if u know anything u can help please send it to spamy12345@aim.com. My mom should know that i dont think this is a bad idea…ive never been worried about a shot before..i have never crieed for one..EVER even when i was a baby..i didnt cry when i had to get the first shot but im EXTREMLY WORRIED!!!

  20. Holy.. Fishsticks... says:
    up arrow

    I just got the first shot in early August and erm.. I am totally freaked now… And i will refuse to get the last 2…. I am so scared… Also, I have had fatigueness since summer, and its gotten worse, but its probably been from staying up till 4 every night over the summer, never gonna do that again… but I am starting to get tired in class, and almost falling asleep but I never had that before, and everyone says 7th grade is hardest, the hardest grade they ever had, and after reading this, if its this, I am so scared… my fingers are shaking as i type… And my right gland has been swollen for a while… i’ve been feeling worried allmorning for no reason? Are those symptoms? Do i have right to be worried? I swear… What willhappen if i refuse to take the next to shots?

  21. Peggy Shields says:
    up arrow

    How many girls have to suffer because of this greedy company MERCK? Shame on them. My healthy 13 year old daughter started having her first of several seizures after she had received her second Gardisil shot in March of 2007. She is now 15 and still having random seizures. I too have mentioned the Gardisil shot to all of her doctors as a possible culprit for her new medical condition and they don’t seem to take me very seriously.

    I am extremely afraid for her, because I never know where she will be when the next seizure takes place. Tonight, she was in the street in the dark with her boyfriend. Thank goodness he was able to catch her as she fell to the ground, so that her injuries were minimal and that she was not alone at the time of the incident, where she certainly could have been injured far more severe.

    And what about the flu and H1N1 vaccines? In light of the adverse reactions from the Gardisil shot, I don’t feel very safe allowing her to get this one now either. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Glad I found this board, but I wished I had found it before the first shot, instead of after the third and several seizures later.

  22. Teri Collins says:
    up arrow

    I am also “One Less” I lost my daughter April 7, 2008. Amber received her second shot On March 31st while sick and on her period. I asked her nurse practioner if she should wait till she was better and she assured me it was fine for her to receive the shot at that time. Amber had a headache and fatigue but I attributed that to her illness. She went to school on the 3rd, went to track practice and I talked to her while she was on her way to work. She collapsed on her wasy into work on the 3rd. She had a seizure and her heart stopped. I watched all this happen…I was there!!! She was resusitated and put on life support. After 4 days Amber was determined brain dead and taken off life support and became an organ donor. No parent should have to do what her father and I did. We sat by her head as they took out her breathing tube and told her goodbye.

    I have met other parents who have similar horror stories. This not the kind of support group that any of us want to be a part of but we are and all of us want is for more to be informed about this vaccine! I researched this in 2006 the information that is out there now was not then. It is now so READ! READ! READ! You will not find much positive material out there regarding this vaccine or the others like it…what does that tell you???

    Amber’s Mom

  23. allison says:
    up arrow

    My 12 year old granddaughter received one shot of this poison and hasn’t been right since. She has been in doctors office 3x since shot and diagnosed with flu, virus…yet 6 weeks later she is still ill – stomach upset, headache, VERY tired (she even LOOKS tired..dark circles under her eyes, pale, listless). She broke out in shingles 3 weeks after shot. Her joints/muscles ache. BUT, most alarming is the partial paralysis in fingers and toes (worse in toes). Her toes literally cramp up and curl under towards her foot. Most recently she has a vaginal infection and possible UTI (going to get that checked tomorrow). WHAT is going on here? The proof that this drug is causing problems is there yet NO ONE seems to care!? I am just thankful that we connected the dots before getting her the 2nd or 3rd shot. I will pray for all of you who seem to be enduring even worse than we are.

  24. aj says:
    up arrow

    we had big problems (spasms) and were very worried but it was cervarix. no more jabs for us.

  25. Rebecca says:
    up arrow

    I had just one out of the three Gardasil shots about two years ago. I am now spotting in between periods, and I have always been extremally regular. AI am 21 and this is the only thing I could think of. Any help? I dont trust doctors…

  26. Nonny Taylor says:
    up arrow

    I’m 15 and I had my HPV vaccine 2 and a half years ago and since then I’ve had constant headaches and migraines. I only had the one shot and I wasn’t on the one where you need 3 injections. My Mum has always thought that it was linked but only recently have I believed it too and that’s because of cases like these. After researching and reading all this I’m starting to get worried. Shall I go to the doctor or will they lie to me?

  27. Vicki Powell says:
    up arrow

    My heart goes out to all of you. Or granddaughter, Haley was 15 when she got her first injection of Gardasil. Been sick ever since. It’s been a whole year now and she has had to drop out of High School and do the E-cot program at home to try and keep up. She was always an honor student and very athletic. I know what everyone has said as we have seen it with her also. She was a wonderful softball player and was put on the varsity team her freshman year. At the end of the season, she was voted by her piers the Most Valuable Player. That was the last sports she played. We pray nightly for her as we will for the rest of you too. Don’t let these doctors bully you around. All they want is their kickbacks. I know I for one will never even take a flu shot again. I’ll take my chances with the flu. Money and greed has taken over this country and it’s sad!

  28. Tammy Perry says:
    up arrow

    My daughter is having tingling of legs and arms. Getting worse. Grades have fallen due to inability to think clearlr. She was a straight A & B student prior to this. Very concerned.

  29. Mom says:
    up arrow

    My 12-yr-old daughter also got shingles a few weeks after her first Gardasil shot

  30. Shari says:
    up arrow

    My daughter was 17 when she went through her series of Gardasil shots. She ended them in December of 2009 and began fainting in January of 2010. She was diagnosed with POTS in October of 2010. She continues to suffer with fainting, migraines and a number of other issues. Reading all of the stories above I really feel that the Gardasil shots have triggered this. Has anyone been able to contact anyone on this? We may look into legal council.

  31. Pam says:
    up arrow

    My daughter, now 16 received 2 shots in 2009. After the first one she complained of lower back pain that would last a few weeks and go away. It happened like that after the second shot also. Our doctor recommended that she not get the third shot. Since then she has not been right. No more back pain, but a constant headache that NEVER goes away, and severe migraines , fatigue, and hair loss. She also looses vision when standing sometimes .Reading these comments breaks my heart. I am thankful that it is not worse. She has seen numerous doctors and has gone through so many tests , all normal. I am now wondering is these are the affects of Gardasil……

  32. Nicole says:
    up arrow

    I had the hpv shot done with two other shots and I ended up started to black out and I threw up, I thought it was because I over loaded my body with three vaccinations. Shortly after that I suffered from a bad lung infection for over a month.Today I got my second hpv shot and i got completely dizzy and stared puking and got sweaty and then got the worse stomach ache imaginable. I laid down drank water and ate a cracker but it didn’t help so I left so that maybe I could make it home and I puked on my way to the car and I looked on the mirror and my lips were completely blue and purple. I honestly felt like I was going to die. That’s sounds over dramatic but it really isn’t, it was horrible.

  33. charity says:
    up arrow

    I had the Gardasil shot in 2007 and less than 8 months later woke up with a blood clot in my leg! Since then my life has been basically sitting in dr offices every day of the week and laying in bed with ice and Tylenol or Excedrin. I have terrible pressure in my head and ears, migraines, sensitivity to light and sound, breathing difficulties, dizziness, have had random colitis out of nowhere, tingling in extremities, positive lupus tests yet no confirmation, and nobody can tell me what is exactly wrong with me and literally I have no quality of life at all . I have a young child that I can barely take care of without help from my mom. and it has severely altered my ability to hold a job or a relationship considering im basically no fun and sick all the time. It isn’t fair I was a very healthy person until I took this shot. Now my whole life is miserable. Something needs to be done about this.

  34. charity says:
    up arrow

    I somehow recently made it through nursing school but my health is becoming so bad I cannot even apply for a job because I will not be able to make it into work most likely. I cannot even get out of my bed most days. This is not any way to live especially for a 28 year old trying to raise a child. I just wish someone would at least figure out what is wrong and fix it. So many tests have been normal. or abnormal with no explanation on what the issue really is. This is just ridiculous to hear all these other girls experiencing the same agony I have over the past few years.

  35. Donna Connell says:
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    I had just gone thru a series of doctor appointments for my daughter who has shortness of breath, joint pain, headaches, enlarged tonsils, tonsil stones among other symptoms. I recently read about this and started backtracking of when everything started. It all lead up to the time she had her HPV shots. Is there a way of finding out that it’s because of the shot? She’s been to so many different specialists and everything pretty much came out normal. Where do I go from here? Is there someone who knows how to run tests to see if my daughters problems are all related to this. I regret getting her the shots for I feel like I ruined her life to be happy. What now?

  36. Audury says:
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    I first received the Gardasil shot when I was 15 in 2008-2009. That year of getting my shots I was going back and forth to my doctor for chest pains, dizziness and shortness of breath. I played tennis in high school. I even had a panic spell while playing and passed out. It felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest it was racing so fast. I am 20 now and still deal with my shortness of breath and heart spasms to where it will race and I feel as if I’m going to faint. I know I did not have these issues before the shot. I’m not sure who I should talk to about this. I’ve been in the ER at least once a year for my chest pains. Ive had a echocardiogram that came back clear, but I’m wondering if this is the long time effects of Gardasil.