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Today we are introducing a new feature here at The Legal Examiner. You've seen it elsewhere. Nothing groundbreaking, but something we hope our readers will find useful. Call it a weekly round-up (though it may happen more, or less, often). Call it In Case You Missed It. Whatever you call it, it will always be links to several articles we feel are worthy of your time. And we always hope everything here at Legal Examiner is worth your time, so if you don't like what you see here, look around!

Legal Examiner Articles

A Texas Judge worries about what will happen if Obama is re-elected. Troy Schwant offers him some history, military and 80s-movie lessons.

Is your doctor already burned out? Check out what a recent study by the Mayo Clinic reveals about doctors before Obama's new health care law kicks in.

There is no "peace of mind" in Sears Master Protection Agreement. Jessie Hoerman reveals the real costs of the agreement.

After Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Turzai's declaration that new voter ID laws will "allow Gov. Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania," Patrick Quinlan discusses imaginary voter fraud.

Is the media downplaying how much injured people and families suffer? Make Bello explains that attorneys are fighting for their clients' futures and security.

Elsewhere Around the Web

How much is exposing confidential information really worth? Eric Turkewitz gives his opinion on "The Night-Life Lawyer."

On the Red Tape Blog, Bob Sullivan wonders if you would risk your safety to attend a New York Yankees baseball game.

Brian Tannebaum sees a glimmer of light in the legal blogosphere.

At Simple Justice, Scott Greenfield argues for the death, or at least retooling, of CLE as we know it. What do others think?

The Agitator (via a guest post from Free-range Kids) wonders if "99.999475% safe" is safe enough. What do you think? And is a safety belt really going to prevent an overturned toddler from banging his or her head? – P.S. I love the Bumbo (seen here dangerously on my gross kitchen counter).

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