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I spent my summers growing up and many of my weekends during the school year on this farm. It is still owed and operated by my Uncle, who is one of the most wonderful persons in the world. He bought this farm with his mother after his father passed away. He was a young man at the time. He not only worked this farm, but, he also worked graveyard at the Boeing Company. He taught me how to work hard and the importance of loyalty, trust, honor and truthfulness. I don't recall ever hearing him complain, even though he worked two jobs and had little time to sleep.

I learned many lessons on the farm, including how to drive, how to fix things, how to milk a cow and the importance of following instructions. I can also share that there were many "close" calls with accidents. I think about some of the unsafe conditions that we encountered and the fact that many of the tasks I undertook were learned by "trial & error". Now, I came out of the experience without any lasting injuries and view my time of the farm as one of the most valuable experiences of my life. My farm experiences shaped many of the important characteristics that drew me to the law. Over the next several blogs, I plan to share information and thoughts about the important topic of farm injuries.

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