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On this, the 8th anniversary of the tragedy now known, simply, as "9/11", many think back to where they were when the planes hit the trade center and life in America, as we knew it, changed forever. I was at home, watching the "Today Show", and the tragic, shocking, images are ingrained in my memory. Heroic responses by valiant police and firefighters who risked, and in some cases, lost, their lives saving and/or caring for victims is a proud memory for me; the country will always be grateful for their courage and sacrifice.

One special memory is the response of trial lawyers to the cause of victim assistance after the tragedy. Lawyers from all over the country lined up to contribute money and time to a project entitled "Trial Lawyers Care", and many provided pro bono (free) assistance to injury victims, their families, and the families of those who lost their lives on that fateful day. I was very proud of all who contributed their time and money.

Lawyers, especially those calling themselves "trial lawyers", are a much maligned group of people. I have never understood this; these are men and women who stand up, at their own expense and at great financial risk, for those less fortunate people who have been seriously injured or disabled. To insure justice, they must, typically, fight an insurance company which has billions of dollars and all the time in the world to "delay, deny, confuse and refuse".

My name is Mark Bello and I own a company called Lawsuit Financial. The company’s chief purpose is to provide financial assistance to plaintiffs and attorneys, to bridge the financial gap for plaintiffs who are fighting Goliath insurance companies. Optimum lawsuit funding strategy is to leverage our money so that financially distressed plaintiffs can buy time to pursue their cases to more just conclusions. If used appropriately, this legal finance process is very beneficial to plaintiffs and their attorneys. Is used appropriately and strategically, litigation funding should result in an insurance company paying increased damages for a loss.

Prior to founding this business, I practiced law; I represented injured and disabled people. I proudly called myself,then, and I call myself, now, a "trial lawyer". I am proud of the pro-justice efforts of individual trial lawyers and local and national trial lawyer associations. I am proud of their work for injury victims; I am proud of their compassion and devotion to their cause; I am proud that they step up and provide charitable assistance whenever and whereever they are needed. I am very proud that"Trial Lawyers Care".


  1. Gravatar for Mike Bryant

    I was a member of that group and while I didn't do any where near as much as a number of others, I was able to see first hand what a great idea it was. Many people got helped at no cost. 9-11 was a tragic time in the countries history, but it also was a great example of all that we could do , if we worked together and acted out of concern for others.

  2. Mike: You and all of the other "Trial Lawyers Care" volunteers deserve praise for your efforts, something trial lawyers very rarely receive in their mission to achieve justice for those less fortunate and against those who caused their unfortunate circumstances. Keep up the good work you do for your clients and for InjuryBoard. Regards, Mark

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