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How safe is it to ride on a bus?

February’s issue of Trial magazine also featured an article on bus safety, entitled, "A dangerous ride on America’s buses." The article highlighted some of the major problems that surround bus accidents in the United States.

Some of these problems include:

Lack of seatbelts. The National Transportation Safety Board determined that passenger seat belts could have saved some of the lives that were lost during the Bluffton baseball team bus crash in 2007.

The need for stronger roofs. As bus manufacturers enlarge the windows on buses, the support structures have gotten smaller, making the roofs weaker and more likely to collapse in a rollover accident.

Lax enforcement of existing regulations. Bus operators are often not concerned if they are not following the rules – as long as their passengers are happy.

Poor oversight of bus operators. The only thing needed to start a bus company is a motor coach. Bus companies do not have to follow any federal regulators the way that airlines must obey the the FAA.

Unqualified bus drivers. As bus travel becomes more and more in demand, so does the need of drivers. This need causes the driver qualifications to relax. According to the article, too many bus company owners simply look the other way and hope that nothing happens.

The recent Toledo, Ohio bus accident involving a van and a bus carrying Toledo high school students has brought the issue of bus safety to light in the northwest Ohio area.

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