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A recent incident in Maryland serves as a reminder of how important it is to be prepared for emergencies while driving. A water main break caused a wall of water to rush down a Maryland road, trapping several motorists in their cars, as the water moved to quickly for them to escape its path. The water was four feet deep and the outside weather was very cold. One stranded motorist, who shivered while waiting to be rescued, wished that she had a blanket and vowed to be more prepared for emergencies. It is recommended that everyone keep a first aid kit in their homes and cars. There are five important things to keep in your car first aid kit. 1) Benadryl, which can help someone having an allergic reaction to something. 2) Antiseptic wipes can be used for cleaning cuts and wounds. 3) Antibiotic ointment can help prevent wound infection. 4) Bandages/gauze pads for covering wounds. 5) A blanket, though a regular blanket is helpful, a "space blanket" can greatly reduce the risk of hypothermia. There are other items an be helpful as well, but these five are the basics. All motorists should assemble a first aid kit for their cars. Hopefully, it will not be needed, but having it could make a difference in the severity of an emergency situation.

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