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On February 8, 2010, a 14-year-old Brockbank Junior High School student was in the crosswalk, walking to school, when she was hit by a car and thrown nearly 100 feet. The girl was airlifted to the University of Utah Hospital and remains in critical condition, suffering severe head injuriesWhat remains unclear is the factor that led to the accident. An investigation is still underway.

A report by Fox 13 states that there may have been some sort of obstruction, such as fog, or ice on the driver’s windshield that could have hindered her visibility. A report in the Salt Lake Tribune indicates that theres was no ice on the vehicle’s windshield. Police investigators indicate that the driver was traveling at posted speed (35 MPH), but the teen was thrown nearly 100 feet. Reports also state that the 20-year old driver of the vehicle did not appear to make any attempt to brake. According to Unified Police Department Lt. Don Hutson, the driver said she did not see the girl.

I understand the need for further investigation to determine speed, but wouldn’t the authorities know, almost immediately about ice or fog? The reports say there were witnesses. This is a tragedy – not only for the young teen and her family, but the driver as well. The police seem to discount that she risked her future and that of a teenager because she was too rushed or too impatient to clear her windshield before getting on the road. For now, she deserves the benefit of the doubt. I am certain that additional police investigations and a wrongful death lawsuit willl sort this out.

For this purpose of this article, please remember that poor visibility can impede driving. Weather conditions can result in poor visibility and impede driving. Distractions like phones and texting can impede driving. It is easy to avoid mobile phone and texting activities; it is easy to take a few moments to completely clear snow, ice, frost, dirt, and steam from your windshield. We don’t know whether any or all of these considerations contributed to this unfortunate incident. But, we can use this incident as a warning to take the time to assure that your windshield provides clear vision of the road ahead and that the road ahead required your full attention. Do not take driving for granted. All too often, we repeat the same routine, over and over, to the point that we may become complacent drivers. Safety must be first and foremost in our minds, during our entire trip. Don’t learn this lesson the hard way, after the loss of someone you love.

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