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If you are searching for a solid, professional, personal injury lawsuit finance company, it is important to consider who is behind that company. Many lawsuit funding companies are run by financial hedgefunds or others from the financial services industry. It is important to ask questions. Ask, for instance, if the company is run by a veteran attorney who will protect attorney-client privilege and recognize disclosures as "attorney to attorney".

The process of applying for legal funding with most companies, is quite simple. The applicant can begin by calling the legal finance company or applying online. Choose an experienced company; Lawsuit Financial, for instance, has been in the litigation funding business for 11 years and its CEO/founder was a practicing personal injury attorney for 22 years before that. Thus, he has a strong record of assisting personal injury clients for 33 years. This pro-justice lawsuit financing company provides nationwide service.

If you are hurt in an accident, you may decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. It is Lawsuit Financial’s strong recommendation that you seek an experienced professional to handle your case. You can be assured that you have located the right attorney by taking advantage of Lawsuit Financial’s free attorney referral service, available to clients in all 50 states. Another way to assure yourself that you have hired an experienced professional is to visit the website and find the InjuryBoard attorney in your area. Either way, you will be referred to a fine lawyer, who specializes in the type of case you intend to pursue.

Once you have hired an attorney, he will, most likely, tell you that personal injury lawsuits can sometimes take months, even years, to resolve. There are many different stages of a lawsuit and an experienced attorney will file the claim, compile necessary evidence, present that evidence to the insurance company, negotiate the case, and, if negotiations are unsuccessful, file a lawsuit. The attorney will then engage in discovery, motion practice, further negotiations, pre-trial hearings, pre-trial mediation or facilitation, settlement conferences, and, finally, if all of that fails to result in a settlement, take the case to trial and, hopefully, to victory.

Personal injury lawsuit funding is a vital tool that assists a plaintiff, financially, in getting through this long, legal, ordeal. The idea is to prevent a plaintiff from having to take a settlement too early, for too little, because of pressing financial need. A person should secure personal injury legal funding only when an offer is made and only when the settlement offer is far less than the full value of the case. Your attorney will advise you whether he/she thinks an offer is fair and full value. Instead of accepting an early and unfair settlement amount, the plaintiff may receive personal injury lawsuit financing, leveraging legal funding dollars for time to receive appropriate justice.

Lawsuit Financial Corporation is one of the most experienced legal funding companies in the litigation financing industry. Our paralegal support staff has years of experience and our CEO/founder, as mentioned, has 33 years of practical personal injury litigation experience. As the industry expert, we provide sound advice and a multitude of funding options to our clients and attorneys. Further, we offer a streamlined process and the fastest turnaround time in the lawsuit finance industry.

The bulk of our litigation funding business comes from attorney referrals. This is because we are professionals and we deliver our service to the clients of other legal professionals. We offer toll free service, free consultations, and, like attorneys, we charge no fee unless the client settles or wins the case.

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