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Teenagers, partying, driving and alcohol are often a deadly mix. They were in this case from California. Here is what happened to cause this horrendous automobile accident. The young owner of the car involved in the crash, had a party at his place one night. He did not give anyone permission to use his vehicle. He fell asleep at his own party before all the guests had left. He was woken up at 4 am the next morning by his dad to find out his vehicle had been wrapped around a tree overnight.

From the police records, it appears that an 18-year old friend took the young man’s car and went for a ride, taking five other people with him. The 1996 Toyota 4-Runner left the road after the driver lost control and slammed into a tree, injuring everyone.

EMS crews got the kids to hospitals as quickly as they could where two of them required surgical repair of their injuries. Two other students received medical treatment and were released. The driver was shaken up, but otherwise unhurt. Unfortunately one of the passengers, a young girl, sustained spinal cord injuries and will be in hospital for an unknown period of time and faces many months of rehab to learn how to walk again. The police report indicated alcohol was a factor and charges could be filed for felony DUI against the young driver.

A lawsuit will, almost certainly ensue. In some jurisdictions, there is a potential cause of action against the owner of the car for hosting the party and, if he is a minor, against his parents. Parents: Unsupervised teenage parties, where drinking and drug use may be occur, is a dangerous activity and you may be responsible for injuries that result from the negligent conduct of unsupervised attendees. Please: Supervise your children, whether the party is at your home or elsewhere. Teenagers, partying and driving are a dangerous, sometimes deadly, mix. In this case, all the facts are not known, but there is certainly a cause of action against the 18 year old driver.

If a lawsuit is pursued, the families of the two youngsters that had surgery and the young girl who suffered spinal cord injuries might benefit from a lawsuit cash advance. In this case, they may (and in the case of the spinal cord injury victim, will), most likely, need expensive long-term care; whether or not they have health insurance is key, but even if they have health insurance, there may be coverage limits and there will certainly be coordination and/or subrogation.

As the families awaits resolution of the case, they, and others in similar circumstances, may encounter difficulty in paying for her care and their regular, day-to-day bills and expenses. Litigation funding is available to families in this type of circumstance; litigation funding services would pay the necessary medical and other expenses now, and wait for repayment out of the successful conclusion of the litigation, whenver that is achieved. And, if the lawsuit fails, the litigation funding company would excuse the obligation. This is known as non-recouse lawsuit funding and, in most cases, such automobile accident lawsuit funding is available within 24-48 hours of the initial application.

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