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First time clients and attorneys often ask me, sometimes in amazement: I can get financial assistance from my lawsuit even before it resolves? How does that work?

Well, it is really quite simple. For initial qualification, all you need is a pending lawsuit and an attorney handling it. If you don’t have an attorney, call Lawsuit Financial, anyway; we will find you a lawyer, in all 50 states, who specializes in the type of case you are pursuing. And, we will do so, absolutely free to you. After you have retained an attorney, our pro-justice litigation funding company will evaluate your case, and if you qualify, provide you the legal financial assistance you need now, to pay house payments, rent payments, car payments, tuition, groceries, whatever important obligation you need assistance for. In return, you will agree to repay Lawsuit Financial out of any settlement or verdict proceeds you receive. That’s it! It’s that simple! Approvals are often made within 24 hours of your application. Your credit history doesn’t matter because these lawsuit finance advances are not based on you credit-worthiness. All legal finance companies care about is whether you have a cooperative attorney and a solid case that has a good chance of resolving in your favor. That’s right; Lawsuit Financial takes a passive interest in your case (I’ll explain that below); the case pays us back.

Some people mistake this product and service as a "lawsuit loan". It is not a ‘loan’ because the client is not required to repay the legal funding company unless the case resolves in his/her favor. If the client loses the case, the client gets to keep the advance, no strings attached. You read that correctly: If you don’t win the case; you don’t repay the lawsuit advance. You may remember, in the previous paragraph, I mentioned that we take a "passive" interest in your case. Does this mean that the lawsuit finance company now controls your lawsuit? Absolutely not! It’s written in our contract. Lawsuit funding cannot and will not interfere with your attorney’s handling of your lawsuit. We fund your particular need, then, we step back; only you and your attorney will decide when and how to resolve your case. Only you and your attorney will decide whether to settle a case or take it to trial.

Lawsuit financing can be an expensive way to obtain needed funds. Therefore, you should only use lawsuit finance services when there is a serious need for funding now. A good case and a need to put out a serious financial fire is all that is necessary. The idea is to leverage legal funding to survive until the end of the lawsuit and get the result you deserve. Resist your desire to apply what you want; apply only for an amount that you absolutely need. Why? Because of the expense. The repayment amounts increase with the passage of time (although Lawsuit Financial is one of a few companies that provides capped rates). Thus, the timing and amount of litigation finance assistance are very important. Many types of cases will qualify; examples are Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding, Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Funding, Construction Accident Lawsuit Funding, Airplane Crash Lawsuit Funding and Slip & Fall Lawsuit Funding. Special attention is given to catastrophic injuries, those that are likely to cause lengthy disability and severe financial distress, like spinal cord injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one. Remember, in the right situation, at the right time, pre-settlement funding can improve case results and resolve financial difficulties.


  1. Gravatar for cindy chloe songer
    cindy chloe songer

    I am looking for someone to lend me money for my cases against fema and the trailor manufactorers my attorney said that he would be willing to work with anybody that I find.He also said that he felt that it wouldnt be that much longer befor they started settleing but I really cant wait. Thank You Cindy

  2. Cindy: I would be happy to take a look at your case, but you left no contact information. Please provide an email address or phone number. Regards, Mark

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