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There is no shortage of lawsuit funding alternatives in the United States today and there are many reasons why a client involved in litigation would seek funding. Most of the time, the reason a client should seek legal funding is to leverage a funding company’s money to purchase precious time for the attorney to seek the highest possible recovery in the case. Funding is provided in the form of a non-recourse cash advance; this means that the advance and profit due are only required if the case resolves in the client’s favor.

Funding is typically provided in the form of a check or wire; funding amounts can range from as little as $250 and as much as $50,000 or more. Whether you have bad credit or no credit, are employed or unemployed, have a bank account or no account, are not issues that matter for these transactions. Thus, pre-settlement funding of pending lawsuits is becoming an easy, very common, practice.

Lawsuit Financial Corporation is, easily, one of the most experienced legal and legal finance companies in an industry that has become populated with new, inexperienced providers.

Like any other company that provides money as its product or service, there are a few steps a person involved in litigation must take to qualify for lawsuit funding from Lawsuit Financial. The first, and most important, is that you must be currently involved in a lawsuit where the outcome you seek is the payment of money damages. If your lawsuit is seeking something other than money, it will not qualify for lawsuit funding. Second, you must be represented by an attorney. Third, you must apply, on line, at, or by calling, toll free, 1-877-377-SUIT (7848). The application process is simple and there are no forms to complete that are longer than a single page. Fourth, your attorney must cooperate with the process. He/she must complete a one-page, fill-in-the-blank form and provide no more than ten pages of case records for us to evaluate. Fifth, if Lawsuit Financial approves your request, you must sign a contract and your attorney must acknowledge the contract. Thus, your attorney must be aware of the transaction and must consent to your receipt of the money. If your attorney does not wish to cooperate with the transaction, you are not a candidate for lawsuit funding. That’s it; it is, really, that simple. The money can be used for any important reason, to pay your house payment, car payment, groceries, tuition, rent, or other essential bills. Repayment of the money is contingent on the outcome of your lawsuit; if you lose your case, you do not have to pay the money back! Because of this, lawsuit funding is usually expensive; we advise that you only seek funding for an important purpose.

As previously indicated, the best way to use lawsuit funding is for leverage. You may be wondering what we mean by “leverage” in using our service. If you have been involved in litigation or are an attorney reading this, you probably know that litigation can take months, sometimes years, to settle, go to trial, or otherwise resolve. Since insurance companies have all the time and money in the world, there are many situations where the plaintiff (client pursuing a lawsuit) may take a lowball settlement offer simply because he/she is having financial difficulties caused by injuries suffered in the accident. Insurance companies know the client is hurting; they know he/she is disabled; they know the client is suffering financially. They use this knowledge against a client, wait until he/she is desperate to settle, then, they offer pennies on the dollar to settle the case “early”. By the time they make this offer, the client may be so financially “upside down” that any offer will settle the case.

It is similar to selling your gold for cash; your gold could be worth a lot more money, but you, simply, need the money. But, would you sell all of your gold, if you didn’t need to? Of course not; you would only sell an amount that could raise the cash you need now. The same is true of litigation. You don’t need to settle the whole case for pennies on the dollar; you just need to sell a small piece, to get the money you truly need now. With lawsuit funding, you can do just that. And, unlike selling your old gold, lawsuit funding at the right time (applying strategies that Lawsuit Financial is famous for) can actually make you money! If a person leverages funding instead of accepting a low offer from the insurance company, uses the funding to get out of financial difficulty, applies for more as the case progresses, and removes the incentive to settle early and cheap, that person will settle his/her case for more money. If this happens, the cash he/she received from Lawsuit Financial pays for itself. And, remember, if you lose your case, the lawsuit cash advance is completely excused; you don’t have to pay it back! Thus, an uneven playing field has been leveled; you can afford to fight the insurance company on equal footing without being forced to accept an inadequate settlement because your are hurting financially.

Many types of cases will qualify for lawsuit finance; these will vary from company to company. Lawsuit Financial provides litigation funding, primarily, for personal injury litigation. We look for a better than even chance of recovery or “good” liability; there must be documentation of an injury and treatment for that injury (documented “damages”). Personal injury cases or lawsuits that will, typically, qualify for a lawsuit cash advance include auto accident cases, wrongful death cases, industrial accident cases, slip and fall cases (sidewalks, stairways, uneven surfaces, ice and snow, debris in the grocery store or mall aisle), medical malpractice cases, product liability cases, fire and/or explosion cases, airplane crash cases, dog bite cases, and many more. Essentially, if you have been seriously injured in an accident that was not your fault, have hired an attorney, filed a lawsuit and are struggling financially, you will probably qualify for lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit Financial can also assist you in selling structured settlement payments. While we don’t recommend this practice, we recognize that, sometimes, you just need the money now, rather than an income stream later. You and your attorney set up a structure for future protection; because of a serious injury or because you were a minor when your case settled, your attorney probably wanted you to have income for years to come. But, you find yourself needing money now. There are many companies to turn to; not all of them have your own best interest in mind. Do you know, for instance, that different companies charge different rates to buy your structured settlement? Do you know that you should only do this for a very important reason? You shouldn’t do it just because it’s yours and you want it; you will lose a substantial investment if you think that way. Do you know that you do not have to sell all of your structured settlement? You can sell a small part of it to raise the money you need and keep the rest of the structure intact, providing income for you and your family for years to come. Finally, Lawsuit Financial does not finance these transactions itself; we broker structured settlement sales so that we can negotiate with buyers and get you the best deal possible. Thus, if you must sell all or part of a structured settlement and you want honest, sensible advice, Lawsuit Financial is the company to call.

The bottom line? If you are experiencing serious financial problems because of accident-related disability, lawsuit funding is available to prevent you from having to settle too early for too little. The process is easy, and you only pay us back if you win the case. This is no risk lawsuit funding! Don’t settle for chump change. Give your attorney the time he/she needs to fight your case to a just conclusion. Get the money you need now so that you can get the settlement or verdict you deserve later.

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  1. You make some very good points about the tough times that people run into. So many people are pushed closed to the financial line to begin with, then to have an injury that through no fault of their own leads to high medical bills and no income. Thanks for the helpful information and options available.

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