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I am old enough to remember when automobiles didn’t have seatbelts. Seatbelts are probably the most important injury protection device invented in my lifetime. Over the years, I, and I am certain, all of you, have seen an enormous number of public safety advertisements advising all of us to "buckle up" for safety, whether a driver or passenger in a vehicle. These PSA’s usually convey the message by graphically depicting an accident and its gory after-effect.

Today, a friend shared with me a powerful and touching video ad illustrating the importance of wearing a seat belt, but from a different perspective. It connects with people on an emotional level. Embrace Life focuses on the essence of family, conveys a powerful message of potential loss of an important family member, but does it in a touching way that is suitable for all ages. The message is conveyed through visuals only; small children and adults of all ages can appreciate its impact.

After all this time and many additional safety devices, appropriate seat belt use is still the single most effective safety or automobile accident injury and death reduction device known to man. There is clear and convincing evidence that injury and death rates increase when seat belts are not used (or not used properly). Many states have passed legislation requiring seat belt use, but many drivers still don’t use them, while others need family reminders. Fastening a seat belt takes, maybe, 10 seconds. Fastening a child’s seat belt or a child’s safety seat takes 30 seconds or less. Isn’t your life or the life of a family member worth 10-30 seconds of your time? Some complain that they feel confined or uncomfortable in a seatbelt. Some even resist use because wearing a seatbelt isn’t "cool". Do these people prefer death to "uncomfortable" or "uncool"? I encourage those who are statistically ignorant, those who think that it won’t happen to them or one of their family members, to think again and consider the statistics. I encourage all of you to "Embrace Life" by sharing this video with anyone and everyone you hold dear.

Lawsuit Financial is a pro-justice lawsuit funding company providing legal finance assistance to injured victims and their families. We have seen numerous times how auto accidents can change lives, or take lives. Please don’t be a statistic. As enter your vehicle fasten your seat belt. The pain and suffering your death will cause isn’t "cool" or comfortable" at all.

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