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We all know that from time to time, we’ve all given in to distracted driving in one form or another. Whether we’ve glanced back at a mischievous two-year old with a look of disapproval, or satisfied that nagging hunger pang with a drive-thru #2, or dialed a loved-one with an excuse for being late, we're guilty as charged. And the list of distractions goes on to include:

  • Texting, checking email or engaging in social media
  • Watching movies or adjusting the radio/CD/Mp3
  • Reading the newspaper or map
  • Grooming (i.e. combing hair, shaving, make-up application)
  • Rubber-necking

The sobering fact remains that distracted driving is a growing epidemic in today’s culture. It has become such a concern that the U.S. government has created an official website to shed light on this deadly problem. It documents that “18% of injury crashes in 2010 were reported as distraction-affected.” Organizations such as AAA have a Foundation for Traffic Safety to raise awareness. It reports that “more than one million people have died in car crashes over the past 25 years in the U.S., with 33,788 lives lost in 2010 alone.”

And if those statistics aren’t enough to scare us straight, several studies show that distracted driving is more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol. In 2009, a crude studydone by Car and Driver magazine shows that reaction time was worse when texting and driving vs. driving under the influence of alcohol. highlights a scientific study published by University of Leeds in April 2012. The study shows that a blood alcohol level of 0.08 increases reaction time by 12.5 percent, whereas eating behind the wheel increases reaction time by a staggering 44 percent.

Grooming. Texting. Eating. Whatever our distracted-driving vice may be, let us take back control of the wheel and responsibly prevent the loss of innocent lives. By keeping a tight grip on the wheel, the future is literally in our own two hands!

The Demas Law Group, P.C. is a team of Sacramento personal injury attorneys and staff who work together dedicating themselves to providing legal representation to individuals and families who have been injured because of the negligence of others. The Sacramento firm handles legal matters including auto injuries, pedestrian injuries, catastrophic injuries, DUI accident injuries, defective products injuries, medical malpractice, defective medications, nursing home abuse, general negligence and wrongful death cases. For over 20 years, the founder of the Demas Law Group, P.C., John N. Demas, has successfully handled a broad range of personal injury cases, and has prevailed against some of the largest insurance companies and corporations in America.

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