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It has happened once again. Another runaway steel coil. Amazingly, no one was injured.

Yesterday, the trailer bed of an 18-wheeler collapsed, and as a result, a 46,000 pound steel coil rolled approximately 400 feet down Interstate 65 in Birmingham, Alabama. According to the Birmingham News Article, the trucking company, BAC Transport LLC of Sparks, GA, has a history of problems. In the last two years, the DOT has put four of their six trucks out of service for failing the inspections.

According to Birmingham police officer James Lyons, the driver and trucking company will be cited for failing to abide by load regulations and maintenance violations among other citations. Thirteen similar steel coil incidents have occurred in Birmingham since 2002. Paul DeMarco has attempted to push through legislation to impose more severe penalties for such violations.

This incident shows the dangers of these tractor trailers, and it highlights the importance of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident. A 46,000 pound steel coil could obviously kill and injure more than one person. When you see these trucks, move past them quickly or keep a safe distance. You must understand the dangers of these types of loads. When the coil comes off, it will be a surprise, and you will have very little time to react and get out of the way.

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