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Beaumont mail carrier Marcus Lockhart has filed a lawsuit against a dog owner after he was attacked twice by the same dog in less than a year.

According to the lawsuit, the first attack occurred on July 28, 2008 when the large black dog came out of a gate that was left open. Lockhart was able to shield himself from the dog but did suffer a cut on his hand. The second incident occurred on April 19, 2009 when the same dog again attacked Lockhart. In both instances animal control was called.

Lockhart claims that the dog has a “vicious nature” and propensity to attack.

Lockhart has every right to be angry and even file a lawsuit in this situation. Sure dealing with dogs and other dangers of the environment comes with the territory of being a mail man, but dog owners have an obligation to keep their animals restrained.

And I understand that peopel make mistakes and accidents happen but two attacks on the same person in a year is more than just an accident.

Thankfully Lockhart was able to defend himself and was not seriously injured in either attack, but what if it had been a child instead?

My thought is that we would be looking at a very different story.

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