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Victims of’s risky trading methodology now have a place where they can gather as a group and formulate a plan of action to begin to attempt to recover from OptionSeller’s disastrous naked option play in the natural gas market. As of November 26, 2018 all Facebook users requesting access to the OptionSellers Victim Facebook Group must certify that they are or were an client and that they experienced a loss due to the November “rogue wave” (as company CEO James Cordier characterized this month’s events).

The Facebook group is “closed” as only approved members can see who’s in it and what they post. That said, users are cautioned not to post confidential information or other content which may impact any civil litigation victims pursue, as no digital space is truly 100% secure. The primary goal in establishing this group is to have a centralized location where victim attorneys can communicate with OptionSellers’ victims in a systematic and organized fashion. To maximize odds of legal success, victims will be well served in taking collective action. This Facebook group will serve as a clearinghouse for information that will serve that end.

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