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On Tuesday a Virginia judge approved an $11 million
settlement to be awarded to families of victims that were killed or injured in
last year’s massacre at Virginia Tech University. The settlement included 24 victims
that lost their lives and 18 more who were injured when Seung-Hui Cho went on a
violent shooting rampage on the college campus last April. The deranged killer
took the lives of 32 individuals before committing suicide when police
breached the doors of the building where most of the carnage took place.

“The commonwealth has endeavored to meet the needs and
concerns of the victims, including family members, through both monetary and
non-monetary provisions,” said Chief Deputy Attorney General William C.

Of the remaining eight deceased victims, families of two
chose not to file claims and two other claims are unresolved. The other four
will be brought forward at a later date, Mims said.

As part of the settlement, victims’ families will also be
able to periodically meet with the Governor of Virginia and university
officials to review legislation and improvements to the campus in response to
the tragedy.

The families pursued the lawsuits after numerous reports and
an independent panel concluded that more timely action from the university and
its officials may have saved innocent lives.

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