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Reuters reported yesterday that DuPont plans to stop the sale of it herbicide, Imprelis. This comes after a number of DuPont consumers filed a series of lawsuits that alleged that Imprelis did more than just kill weeds, it killed hundreds or thousands of shrubs, ornamentals, and trees.

Finally, DuPont took action on August 4, 2011, and issued a statement that "the most effective way to implement our recommendation of a voluntary suspension of sale of DuPont Imprelis herbicide, and a product return and refund program."

How is it that just months after the product came to market (approval was only last October) that the damage to mature trees is found. Why wasn’t this found BEFORE the product came to market? Why weren’t there warnings on Imprelis about its dangerous lethal impact to mature trees and bushes? If the problem occurred so quickly, it is hard to conceive that it was not known before the product was mass marketed to an unsuspecting public.

When will DuPont Chief Executive Ellen Kullman explain how this all happened? Where were the failures in research that allowed this product to come to market without warning of its lethal potential? Will she order the release of "confidential" documents on the testing on the safety versus effectiveness of Imprelis? Clearly it is effective, but is it safe?

The EPA should probe into this and determine what was known and when it was known? What were the factors driving the push to market before testing revealed the dangers of this product? Who was behind the efforts to bring this to market without this danger having been revealed and or discovered?

While DuPont claims that Imprelis is "the most scientifically advanced turf herbicide in over 40 years," targeting broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, clover, plantains, wild violet and ground ivy, it failed, until now, to reveal the damage it can do to healthy trees and shrubs. It makes one wonder what else may not have been revealed about the safety of this product.

Please share your thoughts and concerns in the comment area below. We want to hear what you think about this product? Have you experienced any of these problems?

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