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The FDA has warned consumers to stop using the dietary supplement Hydroxycut. This drug is manufactured by Iovate Health Sciences, Inc., and they are recalling all of the Hydroxycut products. These include Max Drink Packets, Caffeine-Free Rapid Release Caplets, and Max Aqua Shed. The injuries involve the liver. There has been one death reported.

If you have taken these dangerous products, return them IMMEDIATELY!!! Why does this happen? Americans want the easy way out. We want the lazy way. We want to be entertained, and we want to do as little as possible to get what we want. We want easy money – gambling, lotteries (I’m not against these either). We want our sports. We want our movies. We want quick food (microwaves). We want more for less. And, more importantly, with respect to Hydroxycut, we want to lose weight without having to work for it.

How do you lose weight? Output greater than input. There is no secret. There is no miracle drug, or if there is, it usually kills or injures (see Phen fen). Exercise more than you eat. Eat in moderation. Work hard, and you will get there.

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