Scott R. Marshall

Florida Workers’ Compensation: UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Order highlights importance of judiciary in reigning in runaway legislatures

The Bombshell from Miami-Dade County Circuit Court is no doubt reverberating throughout the halls of Tallahassee this week and will most certainly dominate discussion at the 69th Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference to [...]
Jim Lewis

OSHA Under Fire For Issuing Lax Penalties After Worker’s Death

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is at the receiving end of some harsh criticism from family members of an industrial worker after the man was crushed to death while at work. Frank Johnson, 62, was crushed between two railroad [...]
Mike Damaso

Blue Rhino Blast Caused by Human Error

On July 29, 2013, the skies above Tavares, FL were suddenly lit by fire as thousands of 20-pound Blue Rhino propane tanks exploded.  Eight people were injured in the conflagration with critical burns and other serious injuries.  Investigators [...]
Mark Bello

The Value of Entertainment

If you are unfamiliar with the incident, crew members for the film Midnight Rider were set up on a railroad trestle near Jessup, Georgia when a train unexpectedly crossed the bridge killing camera assistant Sarah Jones and injuring several [...]
John Inserra

Injured at Work: Do I have more than one claim?

It is Monday morning and you report to your job as a file clerk in a major corporation. You go to the filing cabinet to get a file and trip over a drawer that was left open again, despite numerous complaints to management about the number of [...]
Randy Appleton

Virginia DOT Worker Struck by Car’s Mirror on I-64 in Norfolk

A Virginia Department of Transportation contractor was hit by a vehicle’s side mirror while working on a stretch of road on I-64 East between Chesapeake Blvd. and Norview Ave. in Norfolk on May 20. The contractor was in a temporary work zone [...]
Scott R. Marshall

SELF-EXECUTED — Florida Workers’ Compensation Law

The week before last, I am sitting in the Florida Workers’ Compensation Forum, when one of the speakers quotes a court opinion stating that to require a certain act (irrelevant to this blog) on the part of the insurance carrier would defeat [...]
Scott R. Marshall

Climate Change Needed in Florida Workers’ Compensation

We need climate change in the State of Florida.  Big time! What kind of climate change you may ask?  Well, I ask you this:  when you think of “workers’ compensation fraud,” what comes to mind?  The “injured” worker collecting a [...]
Jackie Fedeli

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawyer Achieves $7.25 Million Verdict

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawyer Larry Cohan recently achieved a $7.25 Million verdict in Philadelphia. Cohan filed the Mesothelioma lawsuit on behalf of Edward Merwitz who worked on war ships at the Philadelphia Navy Yard back in the 1960s.  [...]
Brett Rivkind

Jury Awards Cruise Ship Worker From Haiti $6,228,325 For Back Injury Suffered At Work Leading To A Back Fusion Operation

I recently represented a crew member who was hired from Haiti named Willy Dolcin.  Mr. Dolcin was 37 years old when he decided to leave his family in Haiti and go work onboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship as a cleaner.  A cleaner is one of [...]