Eric T. Chaffin

Opt-Out Plans and Other Changes Reducing Benefits for Injured Workers

On October 20, 2015, ten members of Congress sent a letter to the United States Department of Labor (DOL), questioning changes to state worker’s compensation laws. They state that since 2004, when the DOL stopped reporting on states’ compliance with […]

Christopher Day


Casinos are an important part of the Atlantic City economy.  They require thousands of employees working in various capacities.  Working in a casino can be a positive experience but, unfortunately, there is a downside.  Casinos are a playground for adults […]

Rick Shapiro

Railroads Regularly Retaliate Against Workers Who Report Safety Problems

“From October 2007 through June 2015, OSHA figures show, railroad workers filed more than 2,000 retaliation complaints.” That count comes from a railroad workplace safety investigation originally reported on FairWarning.org and reposted on Salon. The retaliations came in the form […]

Matt Devoti

The Erosion of Workers’ Compensation

Most Americans think of Labor Day as a reason to relax and enjoy the last official weekend of summer. Did you know that Labor Day was created as a way to celebrate the social and economic achievements of the American […]

K. Lindsay Rakers

What If I Had Injuries Prior To My Car Crash?

Many injured people think if they had pre-existing injuries prior to their car crash, they are not entitled to compensation for the injuries from the car crash.  This is simply not true.  Cases involving pre-existing injuries are actually quite common. […]

Billy Cunningham

Replacing Gas Pipes Reduces Leaks, Lessens Explosion Risk

Billions of dollars have been spent on pipeline replacement programs over the last decade to prevent invisible gas leaks from aging or damaged pipelines, and it is having a dramatically positive impact on leaks, according to a newly released study […]

Steven Gursten

Who pays for a 25% reduction in workers’ comp premiums?

The real truth about “wage earning capacity” and phantom wages under Michigan’s work comp law Many states, including Michigan where I practice law, are wage loss states. This means under the state’s workers comp system, you have to be disabled […]

Jon Lewis


On a flight last week, I was catching up on my reading.  In the August 7, 2015 edition of the Birmingham Business Journal, there was a list of the highest paid public company executives (ranked by compensation in 2014).  Four […]

John Bair

Public Justice Gives 2015 Illuminating Injustice Award to Rosa Moreno

Justice is always a worthwhile goal. A just world is a good world, and who doesn’t want to live in a good world? The quest for universal justice in our society will forever be ongoing and we must all strive […]

Mike Damaso

Balcony Collapse Spotlights Maintenance Problem.

Balcony Collapses Kills 5, Injures 7 Early this morning, near the University of California’s Berkeley campus, a balcony collapsed from the fourth floor of an apartment building. The incident occurred around 12:40 a.m. killing five and sending another seven to […]