Scott R. Marshall

Climate Change Needed in Florida Workers’ Compensation

We need climate change in the State of Florida.  Big time! What kind of climate change you may ask?  Well, I ask you this:  when you think of “workers’ compensation fraud,” what comes to mind?  The “injured” worker collecting a [...]
Jackie Fedeli

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawyer Achieves $7.25 Million Verdict

Pennsylvania Mesothelioma Lawyer Larry Cohan recently achieved a $7.25 Million verdict in Philadelphia. Cohan filed the Mesothelioma lawsuit on behalf of Edward Merwitz who worked on war ships at the Philadelphia Navy Yard back in the 1960s.  [...]
Brett Rivkind

Jury Awards Cruise Ship Worker From Haiti $6,228,325 For Back Injury Suffered At Work Leading To A Back Fusion Operation

I recently represented a crew member who was hired from Haiti named Willy Dolcin.  Mr. Dolcin was 37 years old when he decided to leave his family in Haiti and go work onboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship as a cleaner.  A cleaner is one of [...]
Mark Bello

Are the Risks Too High For a Realistic Shot?

Lights, Camera, Action!  It was the first day of production for “Midnight Rider.”  The cameras were rolling for a dream sequence with a hospital bed placed over train tracks.  As a train approached the bridge, members of the production [...]
Michael Bogdanow

“Can I Sue For That?”

Have you, a family member or a friend ever been injured and wondered whether you (or they) could pursue a legal claim for damages? Or, if you are an attorney, have you ever been asked, “Can I bring a law suit for that?” If you’re an attorney, [...]
Randy Appleton

AT&T Sued For Retaliating Against Injured Workers

We’ve previously discussed how some employers, especially those in the railroad industry, have been known to take action against employees who were either injured on the job or who have come forward with worries about workplace safety. We’d [...]
Craig Kelley

Banged, Bumped and Bruised at Work – What Are My Options?

You have a right to a safe workplace.  In 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) was passed to prevent workers from being killed or seriously harmed at work.  The Act created a government agency to set and enforce protective workplace [...]
Kevin Duffan

Norfolk Southern Loses Case Before Seventh Circuit Concerning Workplace Retaliation

A railroad trackman working in Illinois was unfortunately forced to experience just how far some railroad companies will go to retaliate against workers who were injured on-the-job. The worker, Justin Reed, finally had his case heard by the [...]
Patrick Austin

Two Successive Judges Reversed by Appeals Court For Failing to Honor Jury’s FELA 8.6 Million Verdict

After a myriad of appeals, the tides of justice are finally turning in favor of a plaintiff whose case was decided by a Tennessee jury back in 2010. The case is Payne v. CSX Transportation Inc., No. E2012-02392-COA-R3-CV, 2013 WL 6857947 (Tenn. [...]
Mike Bryant

Minnesota Again Makes the Judicial Hellholes List

It has been a little while since Minnesota was on the list, which lead to my last couple of posts: Are Trial Lawyers All Moving To The Legal Hellholes?, Mike Bryant | Jan 5, 2011 Pack the Bags Kids: We Are Moving To a Legal Hellhole, Mike Bryant [...]