Jacob Plattenberger

$2.6 Million Verdict Awarded in Diacetyl Exposure Case

In February, an Orange County, California jury awarded a $2.6 million verdict to a 38-year-old Tongan American man who was diagnosed with bronchiolitis obliterans as a result of a work exposure to diacetyl, a toxic chemical commonly used in [...]
Lawrence Cohan

Changes in When the Clock Starts on an Asbestos Claim

The issue of wrongful death-related asbestos claims has been receiving increased news exposure after the recent ruling by the Pennsylvania Superior Court in Wygant v. General Electric that the statute of limitations for these claims will begin [...]
Samantha Clark Aktug

Tragic Raleigh scaffolding accident a reminder of the importance of workplace safety

How often in life do we go through the motions without thinking? Driving to work, doing our jobs, doing things around the house. Only to be shocked into awareness when we learn that something unexpected or horrible has happened. A plane crash, [...]
Randy Appleton

Awful Roanoke Rapids/Halifax Amtrak Train Wreck Highlights Dangers at Railroad Crossings

An Amtrak train collided with a commercial tractor-trailer in Halifax County, North Carolina (NC)recently. Over 40 people suffered injuries in this horrific collision. The impact was so severe that it caused a portion of the Amtrak train to [...]
Rick Shapiro

One Injured in Crash With Norfolk Southern Locomotive at Colonna’s Shipyard

A worker at Colonna’s Shipyard in Norfolk, Virginia (VA), suffered injuries requiring hospital treatment when the backhoe he was driving got hit by a small Norfolk Southern locomotive. According to WAVY-TV 10, the collision occurred at [...]
Rick Shapiro

Commuter Railroad Assessed Record Fine for Retaliating Against Worker Who Reported an Injury

A major commuter railroad serving Connecticut and the New York City area has been ordered to pay an unfairly disciplined employee nearly $300,000. The ruling, issued on December 16, 2014, by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, [...]
Rick Shapiro

Who Bears Liability if Defective Equipment Causes a Workplace Injury or Death?

An unexpected tragedy led to the daylong closure of the main government office building for the Town of South Boston, Virginia (VA), on October 28, 2014. A steel vault door weighing several hundred pounds fell off its hinges and landed on an [...]
Craig Kelley

Post Traumatic Stress

These days it is so common to hear about PTSD, in relation to veterans, that one might think that it is really only a big concern for veterans. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is actually what its name implies, a disorder occurring after [...]
Rick Shapiro

Railroad Again Cited by OSHA for Retaliating Against Worker Who Documented Safety Problems

Union Pacific on September 26, 2014, received an order from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration to reinstate and pay punitive damages to a rail yard worker it had illegally suspended for reporting safety problems. In announcing [...]
Rick Shapiro

Better Protections Needed for Railroad Track Maintenance Workers

Recognizing that railroad maintenance workers require more protection from on-the-job accidents that cause serious injuries and deaths, federal regulators on September 24, 2014, issued a report calling for better supervisory practices and greater [...]