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Improving our Highways and Safety – The Fast ACT

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Last month Congress passed the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, known as the FAST Act. This bill is a compromise of a few previous bills that did not pass. This new law allocates $305 Billion towards fixing America’s transit system, which includes fixing roads, reducing freight costs, and boosting productivity in freight related industries. The industry is guaranteed $45 Billion a year, for five years, which certainly should be enough to make positive changes.

The recent law also grants funds for research focused on making freight movement more efficient, as well as determining how altering or re-designing size and weight requirements for certain trucks can increase efficacy.

This bill’s goals are worthy and far reaching, yet attainable. With proper management the $305 Billion can help to improve our nation’s freight industry system and make our roads more efficient and safe.

Read more on the FAST Act Highway Bill – https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/house-bill/22/text

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