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Dog Packs & Dog Pack Attacks: A Community Danger


Dog packs are dangerous and the case described below shows just how dangerous. While many people don’t realize this, dog bite and dog attack cases may be pursued under the dog owner’s homeowners insurance coverage as a personal injury case; as such, if you have been bitten by a dog and have sustained serious injuries or scarring, you should see a personal injury attorney and consider filing a claim for damages. In our case scenario, that is exactly what a very concerned mother did.

While this kind of case does not happen often, it is a good example of how horrific a dog pack attack may be for youngsters. Three youngsters, all under the age of ten years old were set upon by a pack of local neighborhood dogs. The injuries were brutal.

A young mother was out walking with her children, ages 5, 7 and 8 along a railway track when they were attacked by a pack of five dogs. The animals were pit bull/bull mastiff crosses; they had dug their way out of their owner’s yard and under the fence of a nearby home. The 7 and 8 year old sustained sizeable lacerations that also included one injury that required 237 staples to close it.

The youngest suffered a punctured lung, multiple broken ribs and severe lacerations. She was literally torn out of her mother’s arms and attacked. The little girl’s condition is critical condition, on a ventilator in a Los Angeles hospital.

Police later shot one dog when it lunged for the officer. The other four were contained. The dog owners face fines for failure to control their animals, knowingly harboring vicious animals and several other charges. The mother of the children is rightfully concerned about permanent scarring, emotional trauma and the long term effects on her kids and wishes to recover compensation for the enormous medical bills and future care and treatment, both physical and emotional.

There is no doubt that a personal injury lawsuit, if filed in this case, will take a while to resolve; it’s not easy to juggle caring for three wounded children, run a house, pay the bills and worry continually about how she will pay for hospital care. Fear for her daughter’s life must also lurk in the recesses of her mind.

In cases like this, lawsuit funding might be one answer to a troubled mother’s financial difficulties. Strategic lawsuit funding might pay ongoing medical bills and other important expenses, while maintaining a semblance of normalcy for the two children at home. Such funding is intended to remove the financial pressure to resolve a serious personal injury lawsuit too soon, for too little, because of pressing financial need. Lawsuit funding is non-recourse funding; if the mother wins her case against the dog owners, the lawsuit cash advance is repaid. If she loses, she keeps the advanced funds without obligation to repay. It is that simple, and well worth investigating.


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  1. J.M. says:
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    Most dog bites are minor in nature.
    Fatal Dog Attacks are extremely rare.
    For documented reliable information visit NCRC

  2. Zachary says:
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    J.M.: What you say may be true, but the bites in this case were horrific. The point of this excellent article was to warn the public about dog packs and to politely ask dog owners to exercise more control over their pets. That is very wise advice, especially given the castastrophic injuries in this case. To suggest, in the context of that warning, that dog bites don’t usually result in serious injury is irresponsible.

  3. Mike Bryant says:
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    JM what’s the point? Many car impacts are minor, people fall and don’t get hurt, there are even medical mistakes that are fixed and people get better. Really doesn’t deal with the issue. This article isn’t a attack on all dogs nor does it claim that every bite is horrific. Unfortunately, some are. We see some awful cases where people are disfigured forever. Looks like the link you have seems to try to forget about those cases.