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Wayne Schlaht
Wayne Schlaht
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Welcome to the Public Justice Injury Board Blog!


I am pleased to have an opportunity to join forces with Injury Board on behalf of Public Justice Foundation. Injury Board has already become one of our strongest and most dedicated supporters so it is a "no-brainer" for Public Justice to author a blog on Injury Board which is intended to update all of you about the great work we’ve been doing – on your behalf!

First, let me tell you about who we are. Public Justice Foundation is a membership organization with members from across the country all of whom charitably support the work done by Public Justice, a private law firm that refers to itself as "America’s Public Interest Law Firm." Most of our members are attorneys, all of our members are deeply committed to the issues being advanced by Public Justice in the courts.

The breadth of the caseload handled by Public Justice is truly awe-inspiring. We are currently litigating cases involving access to justice, civil rights and civil liberties, consumers’ rights, environmental protection, toxic torts, and workers’ rights. My hope is to choose updates on each of these subjects in future blogs to keep you posted about important issues being litigated from our caseload.

I’ll make no bones about it – read my bio and you’ll see that in addition to serving on the Board of Public Justice and on the Executive Committee, I’m also one of PJ’s national Membership co-chairs. The point is, we’d love to have you join us as a member of Public Justice. So if this post or any future blog posts inspire you to join us, feel free to click on the words "join us" and link to our membership page.

So plese keep a lookout for upcoming blogs in which I’ll focus on the great work being performed by Public Justice. Thanks for reading and I look forward to developing a dialogue with you about the importance of public interest lawyers in America.


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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    Welcome aboard, you bring a already well recognized voice for the consumers, I look forward to reading your posts.

  2. Mark Bello says:
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    As a new member of Public Justice and as a “Voices” member of InjuryBoard, I welcome you and Public Justice to our IB “Voices” network. I encourage all IB members to consider joining Public Justice and supporting their nobel cause. Lawsuit Financial is proud to be a supporter of Public Justice.