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Pool and Spa News: Still Not Enough Pool and Spa Safety Act Enforcement

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Mike Stinson, who owns the "Mike the Poolman" shop in Folsom, California, was quoted in a new Pool and Spa News story on compliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act as saying: “Many, many pool owners are doing nothing… They’re calling the bluff of the inspectors because they’ve heard there aren’t enough [personnel] to go around.”

The entire story can be read here: www.poolspanews.com/2009/091/091n_vgb.html

This is just the latest evidence that enforcement of the important, life-saving law has been lax at best. The inspectors are simply not doing their job, and they are putting lives at risk at as a result. How many entrapment accidents — and deaths — are we going to see before that changes?

1 Comment

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    They are really just taking a chance that the kids in the pool won’t be injured or killed. Just another example of the Bush years of underfunding and the lack of protection for the consumer. It will be important that parents ask if the pools and spas are safe.