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Oklahoma's Senate Leader Admits To Having No Proof of Frivilous Suits

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With another legislative session beginning I have promised myself to not post an article against tort reform, or as I like to call it corporate and insurance immunity everday. However, in looking at the Oklahoma Gazette, I have to point something out about the Republican Co-Speaker Glen Coffee and his never ending quest for tort reform to benefit his biggest donors, corporations et. al.

In a time of mass communication where numbers and studies are conducted ad nauseam in partisan fashion on tort reform, our illustrious Republican Senate Leader can’t give one single bit of evidence for the need of corporate immunity. In fact, in an interview with the Oklahoma Gazette, Senator Coffee states that he can only offer “anecdotal” reasons. Then he goes on to say that just because no one is coming forward in the business community et al, does not mean abuse is not happening. Am I the only one stunned by this. Well I will simply say this, I will take my factual evidence of insurance companies abusing individuals in automobile, trucking, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse et al. over his “anecdotal” evidence of some systematic lawsuit abuse.

I often wonder if even Senator Coffee believes the garbage that he is spewing out on this subject, or is he sitting behind closed doors laughing at everyone buying into his lies about tort reform? If only the Republican party in Oklahoma would quit worrying about funding elections through donations of Oklahoma’s corporations and rich doctors, and instead worry about writing legislation that might actually help an individual with a real first and last name.

Below is a link to the Oklahoma Gazette article.