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Attention IB Members: Google Scholar Is Here!

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Google has come out with a new free research tool that attorneys will find very useful. It may even cause some to re-think the way they research the law. Westlaw and Lexis users: Take note. Did I say that this is a free service?

A user simply goes to http://scholar.google.com/. The user will get the usual "google looking" home page. This page is a bit different, though; below the search bar are two unique choices: 1. Articles (the user can include or exclude patents) 2. Legal Opinions and Journals. Be certain to check the correct icon before you commence your search.

I fooled around with the Federal case database and found that it includes US Supreme Court opinions from the very beginnings of our country. Very cool stuff. The various, individual, State opinions date back to 1950. The site also provides links to cases that are cited with the case you are looking at. Click on the links and Google Scholar sends you to the case cited within the case. Again, a very cool application.

This appears to be quite a comprehensive research tool; almost anything you need for legal research is available, and, did I mention that the service is free? Tool around in Google Scholar and let me know what you think.

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  1. Mike Bryant says:
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    Very interesting, although it will be interesting if page issues and footnote issues still come into play. It would be nice for the public to have real options.