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Abuses by Aggressive Factoring Companies

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Financial stress can lead to desperation, which is a terrible state to be in when making decisions that could affect one’s financial stability for the rest of one’s life. But, desperate people with little more than their structured settlements to rely upon for their wellbeing are making bad decisions everyday, lured by the promises of a better life free of money woes.

Factoring companies spending millions on cable and internet advertising, armed with tightly-scripted call center representatives, are bilking unsuspecting clients by offering a "cash now" payout today in exchange for their future stream of structured settlement or annuity payments. Desperate sellers often give away their future payments at unreasonable discounts rates which leave them getting only a fraction of the monies they would have otherwise received over time.

Even with such protections in place under existing law, factoring companies have been able to push unsavory deals through anyway. There are circumstances where a former Plaintiff or their family may have good reason to sell all or part of a structured settlement, and, in those cases, they simply need to be given good guidance to protect them from the realities of today’s predatory marketplace. Companies who act to fulfill the spirit of the current laws governing these transactions, and who take steps to ensure sellers of structured settlements and annuities are given the information they need to make informed decisions, can perform a valuable service for those who need to trade in their future payments for cash now. It can be done fairly and reasonably, but, in the face of rampant abuses, steps must be taken to help sellers find the right company with whom to work.

Plaintiff Attorney Hank Didier formed Vantage Capital Consultants to help former Plaintiffs who may need to sell their structured settlement or annuities, and give them a better choice.