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Hey Florida: Watch Out for This Doctor

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As reported earlier by Injury Board Member David Mittleman, an Arizona couple has won a 16.5 Million Dollar verdict against a California physician who’s negligence left him a paraplegic.

As Dave reported, Trent Hughes suffered a fractured spine in 2003 while off-roading in Arizona. He was airlifted to Desert Regional Medical Center, where Dr. Christopher Pham was on call. But Pham was nowhere to be found; Hughes was not examined until the next day and surgery commenced two days after the incident. Hughes has never received an explanation of where Pham was and why he did not show up to examine Hughes.

The main reason for this Lawsuit Financial post is for the reader to note that the attached article indicates that Dr. Pham has not worked at Desert Regional Medical Center for over two years; Mr. Hughes attorney, David Bricker, indicates that Pham "moved to Florida". I don’t know if that means he is practicing there, but watch out for him, Florida.