Rick Shapiro

The Importance of Persistence in Product Defect Wrongful Death Cases

I’ve been a Virginia trial attorney for 30 years now and I continue to be surprised at how unpredictable plaintiff’s personal injury law can be. I recently concluded a Virginia product defect wrongful death case involving a Chesapeake resident who […]

Mark Bello

Why Settle A Wrongful Death Lawsuit Rather Than Go To Court?

In case you missed it, last August, a 10-year-old boy was killed at while riding the Verrückt water slide at Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City, Kansas. The boy was the son of a Republican State Representative and was at […]

Randy Appleton

GOP Kills Truck Safety Rules for Fatigued Drivers

The trucking industry was victorious last month when GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill were able to block Obama administration safety rules that were designed to keep fatigued truck drivers off the roads. Experts say that more deregulation is on the […]

Mike Bryant

Troubling National Number of Pedestrian Deaths

Recently,  I looked at the increased numbers of pedestrian deaths in Minnesota. 25-year High in Pedestrian Deaths, Mike Bryant January 5, 2017 11:49 AM While the numbers aren’t finalized, they do suggest that there will be a significant increase nationally. […]

Mark Bello

Ghost Ship Tragedy Raises Questions Over How To Make Artist Housing Affordable And Safe

The first pair of wrongful-death lawsuits have been filed on behalf of the victims of the Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland, California during a dance party on December 2. Officials say 36 people died in the blaze. According to […]

Mike Bryant

Pedestrian Who is Intexticated: Petextrian

The Minneapolis Tribune reported that we are at a 25 year high for pedestrian deaths: Determining the cause of the spike is challenging, but state officials noted this fall that distracted driving crashes appeared to be on the rise. Police […]

Mike Bryant

Increase in Pedestrian Deaths: Yield for Crosswalks!

The Minneapolis Tribune reported this week that pedestrian deaths are on the rise: “It is distressing to see such an increase in pedestrian deaths,” Donna Berger, director of the DPS Office of Traffic Safety, said in a statement. “These are […]

Mike Bryant

25-year High in Pedestrian Deaths

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported this month that Pedestrian deaths are on the rise:  Last year, 60 pedestrians died on Minnesota roads, 19 more than in 2015, state officials said. The last time that many died was in 1991, with […]

Mark Bello

Bride-to-Be Crushed to Death by Car-Factory Robot

Safe and efficient robot-human interaction has the power to transform assembly lines. Robots are great at moving heavy machinery at high speeds and can conduct monotonous jobs with ease, but they move blindly with no intelligence. If they make contact […]

Mike Bryant

2017 New Years Resolutions: Stop Texting And Driving!

We see the tragedy that results from deaths when inattentive drivers are on the road. Make sure you aren’t one of them. Here’s to a safer and happy 2017. From Our New Radio Ad: Each year Bradshaw and Bryant gives […]