Joe Crumley

Why I Predicted O.J. Simpson Would be Freed

Flash Update: As expected, parole was granted and OJ will be free as soon as October 1. We’re talking about OJ Simpson again. For most of his life, Orenthal James Simpson has been the topic of one national conversation or […]

Wayne Parsons

Is H. R. 1215 the biggest fraud on the public ever?

To achieve the rank of “biggest fraud” would take some doing from some (not all) politicians who use lies or half-truths knowing that the public won’t check the facts and hoping that the media won’t educate the public about the truth. […]

Tatum O’Brien

H.R. 1215- an Anti-Justice Bill Limiting Recovery for those Injured in Healthcare Cases.

Congress has recently taken several bills under consideration related to tort reform. If these bills are passed, they could limit, eliminate, or significantly change individual’s access to the justice. On June 28, 2017, the House is to vote on “Protecting […]

T. Thomas Metier

Colorado Court of Appeals Bunts on the Question of Fetal Personhood Under the Survival Statute

The Court of Appeals said that dealing with the question of personhood under the Survival Statute was not necessary at this time, so it did not make a determination.

Randy Appleton

North Carolina Boating Accidents Over Memorial Lead to 1 Death

Law enforcement officials in North Carolina are warning citizens in the state to be careful on the water after several boating and water-related accidents across the state on Memorial Day weekend left one dead and several injured.  One of the incidents […]

Mike Bryant

Thoughts On Yanez Verdict

I was involved in a lot of media interviews about the trial, so people have been asking me what I thought about the verdict. I will start by saying that I respect the jury. Five days of deliberation shows that they worked hard. […]

Melanie J. VanOverloop

Opioid Epidemic Leads to Increase in Trucking Accidents

Opioids are a class of highly addictive substances which are often prescribed for pain relief.  An individual taking an opioid can have slower reaction times, reduced coordination, blurred vision and drowsiness – all side effects that can impair a person’s ability […]

Matthew Sill

$2.4 billion global settlement to resolve thousands of lawsuits claiming diabetes drug Actos® causes bladder cancer.

The diabetes drug Actos (pioglitazone) has been used by thousands of Americans with many later suffering from bladder cancer.  The manufacturer of Actos, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, agreed to a $2.4 billion global settlement to resolve thousands of lawsuits from patients and […]

Mark Bello

Remember the “Golden Rules” During ATV Safety Week

Hundreds of thousands of all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accidents occur each year; it is rare for victims to just walk away after the crash. Here are four fatal ATV crashes that occurred this weekend alone that illustrate that danger. An Ohio […]

Mark Bello

California Park Closes Water Slides after Boy Falls Off Ride

A $43 million dollar water park in Dublin, California opened for business over Memorial Day weekend. The holiday ended with another wake-up call for millions of visitors who flock to water parks every year. Just 90 minutes after opening, a […]