Michael Bogdanow

Facebook Comes Face-To-Face With Personal Injury Litigation – And It Costs Someone $80,000

Personal injury litigation is always deeply interconnected with what is happening in society. Torts that could not have been conceived of just a couple generations ago, such as “wrongful birth” (for mistakes in prenatal testing) or “bullying” (based on new […]

Clay Rossi

Hi-Tech Angels and Demons

We live in a brave new world where our technology has outstripped our traditional attitudes and expectations. The law has struggled to keep up. Two recent news items encapsulate the current struggle. One concerns an individual’s legal rights to protect […]

David Mittleman

CVS Institutes Mandatory Weight Disclosure Policy

No doubt about it, weight is a sensitive subject but also the primary focus of so many people in the U.S. Evidenced by the enormous amount of money we spend on diets and weight loss foods, we are…

Brett Emison

Yahoo! Telecommuting Ban Comes After Monitoring Employee VPN Activity

There were plenty of questions after Yahoo announced its ban on employee telecommuting – some panned the decision as an affront to workers (particularly female employees) while others noted…

Brett Emison

Yahoo! Bans Telecommuting… Right or Wrong?

Internet giant Yahoo's new policy banning telecommuting is drawing fire and getting backlash across the web. Some are calling Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer a hypocrite and charging that…

Mike Ferrara

UPenn Health System Will No Longer Hire Smokers

The University of Pennsylvania Health System has announced that beginning this July, it will no longer hire anyone who is a smoker or other tobacco user. The new policy is being to improve…

Michael Monheit

Senate Fails to Approve Rights of Persons with Disabilities

In early December, the U.S. Senate blocked the ratification of the United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The measure needed 67 votes for ratification but only…

David Mittleman

Gretchen Whitmer for Michigan Governor 2014

Michigan needs new leadership in Lansing. We can’t always pick when the time is right to do something. Sometimes the time picks you. The time is now for Michigan Senator and Senate…

David Mittleman

Michigan Right to Work Law is Nothing but Republican Bull^$%# – and Our Tough Nerd Governor Knows it

President Barack Obama came to Michigan the day before the Republican-led State of Michigan government undid over 100 years of labor by the “working class.” Only Obama really…

David Mittleman

Michigan Supreme Court Candidate Bridget Mary McCormack Speaks Out

Michigan Radio Newsroom’s Cyndy Canty spoke with Bridget Mary McCormack recently in their continuing coverage of the Michigan Supreme Court race. McCormack is the associate dean for…