Valerie Johnson

Is it okay to drink alcohol at work events?

T. Thomas Metier

When a Teacher Released from His Contract, Did the School Have Proper Cause for Termination?

In Robinson v. Morrill County School District, No. S-17-16, (299 Neb. 740), the Supreme Court of Nebraska examined the merits of the termination. In the fall of 2013, Patrick Robinson (“Robinson”) was hired as the curriculum and assessment coordinator at […]

Valerie Johnson

What is the best way to deal with Sexual Harassment at Work?

John Bair

Do I Owe Taxes on My Settlement?

Plaintiffs who are approaching settlement in certain cases may find an unexpected drawback at the conclusion of their lawsuit: the money they receive is taxable. At the following tax season, their settlement will come with a big price tag for […]

Valerie Johnson

When does Sexual Harassment become Illegal?

Leto Copeley

What is Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment?

David Mittleman

Dr. Raymond Allard Accused of Sexual Harassment in 2014; Part IV

As early as 2014, numerous Sparrow officials knew of Dr. Allard’s misconduct, abhorrent behavior, and unsanitary medical practices. In 2014 Carson Hospital received complaints against Dr. Raymond Allard’s conduct.  A surgical assistant who had a long time relationship with Dr. […]

T. Thomas Metier

When Can an Employee in the Military Reserve Be Terminated for Violating the Employer’s Attendance Policy?

In Starr v. QuikTrip Corporation, Inc., No. 17-5024 (10th Cir. March 1, 2018), the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit Affirmed the lower court’s ruling. Paul Starr (“Starr”) was a QuikTrip Corporation (“QuikTrip”) employee who also served […]

Leto Copeley

When The Company Calls You An Independent Contractor, But Controls You Like An Employee

Do you work for an employer that promised you the opportunity to own your own business as an independent contractor?  Did that employer help you get started in the “business,” but now tells you what to do every day similar […]

T. Thomas Metier

In a Wrongful Termination Case, When Do Religious Accommodations Move From Reasonable to Burdensome to a Defendant Employer?

The United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit handled this tough decision impacting some Jehovah’s Witnesses in Tabura v. Kellogg USA, No. 15-4135 (10th Cir. 2018). Plaintiffs Richard Tabura and Guadalupe Diaz (“Plaintiffs”) are Seventh Day Adventists who […]