Sean T. Foss

Governor Burgum Should Exercise His Constitutional Right to Threaten a Veto

On February 22, 2017, The Forum published an article on the North Dakota Legislature’s potential elimination of income-tax breaks for new businesses and residents in Renaissance Zones in cities across the state. (“Tax break reform plan could ‘cripple’ downtown Fargo […]

Mark Bello

Hilarious Indiana State Police Safety Message Goes Viral

Why would auto manufacturers bother to put it on cars if drivers were not, in fact, supposed to use them? I’m talking about that lever mere inches from your hand gripping the steering wheel. Perhaps you’ve seen it; it’s called […]

Jamie Sheller

Stryker LFIT V40 Femoral Head Hip Implant Recall

On September 27, 2016, Australian health authorities issued a “Hazard Alert” over the risk of injuries relating to the Stryker LFIT V40 femoral head hip implant components citing the same dangers and warning consumers and health professionals about the higher […]

Jamie Sheller

Do I You Have a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

Hernias are routinely repaired through the use of a laparoscopic procedure to implant a mesh to reinforce or strengthen the affected area.  Ethicon Physiomesh product and Atrium C-Qur have a higher rate of recurrence/reoperation compared to the average rates of […]

Ryan R. Bradley

You Are Not Fine: Premises Liability in Illinois

Fight the Urge to just say, “I’m Fine,” after a fall (unless you know it’s true)

David Mittleman

MSU – Where is the Integrity?

As more and more former patients of Larry Nassar step forward with stories that, by now, are all too familiar, Michigan State University finds itself facing maybe the most important question in its 162 year history:         […]

Mark Bello

It is NOT a Game! You Will Get Burned!

Dangerous YouTube dares have been sweeping the nation for several years and now one from 2012 appears to be back – The Salt and Ice Challenge! This challenge involves pouring salt on a participant’s arm, then applying an ice cube […]

Andrew D'Arcy


Inferior vena cava filters (IVCF) are placed to prevent deep venous thromboses (DVT) from traveling to the heart and lungs, causing pulmonary embolism.  They are considered life-saving devices that can prevent a patient from suffering a pulmonary embolism in cases […]

Dori Milner

Olympus Executives Refuse to Answer Questions About Duodenoscope Emails

In 2016, the U.S. Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee released a report on closed-channel duodenoscope-related infections, noting that they had sickened at least 250 patients worldwide. Duodenoscopes are small tube-like medical devices used to diagnose and treat health problems […]

David Mittleman

Is Michigan State’s Sexual Assault Scandal an Example of Gender Bias?

As of the writing of this blog, 26 women are suing MSU and its former employee Larry Nassar.  That number is certain to grow in the coming days and weeks.  The complaints allege that Nassar assaulted girls and young women […]