David Brose

What Clients and Lawyers Need To Know in Trucking Accidents

News reports this past month focused on new records being reached in shipments via truck in the United States.  In light of recent accidents between big rigs and passenger vehicles, safety experts are calling for companies to reassess their safety […]

Tom D'Amore

As ELD Mandate Approaches, More Trucking Groups Seek Exemption

On December 18, 2017, a mandate from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) will go into effect that requires all large trucks and motorcoaches to use electronic logging devices (ELDs) to record a driver’s Hours-of-Service (HOS). First proposed by the […]

Michael Leizerman

Mr. Musk’s new Tesla Trucks may be a Boon for Safety

Elon Musk stayed true to his word on November 16th; unveiling the first fully electric semi-truck that also comes equipped with Tesla’s semiautonomous technology in addition to automatic braking and lane departure warnings. In Mr. Musk’s own words, the truck […]

Steven J. Klearman

How the Autonomous Semi-Truck Race Will Impact the Individual

Since October, self-driving “robotrucks” have been routinely rolling through the southwestern United States—traveling along the I-10 freeway from West Texas all the way to Southern California with a cargo of brand-new refrigerators.  While these autonomous big rigs are accompanied by […]

Eric Washburn

Dangers of Overweight and Overloaded Truck on North Carolina Roads

One of a driver’s most dreaded issues, when they are driving, is sharing the road with huge tractor-trailer trucks. Their massive size and known dangers can cause many drivers to stress right up when they are driving alongside one. Statistics […]

Randy Appleton

Determining Who Is Responsible for a Truck Accident

When handling a truck accident case, there are a number of factors that an attorney may consider when trying to determine who is responsible for the accident. If a person happened to get seriously injured or if someone dies when […]

Michael Leizerman

Are Self-Driving Truck Platoons a Threat to Your Safety?

Commercial trucking is a vital part of our nation’s economy, the vehicles and their drivers provide the framework of goods distribution to all 50 states and beyond. Yet, it’s not an industry without issues—driver shortages and rising fuel costs alone […]

Eric Washburn

Compounded Dangers of HAZMAT Truck Accidents

Tractor trailer accidents can be particularly dangerous. According to national statistics, there are 5,000 tractor-trailer trucks involved in fatal crashes every year. Another 400,000 crashes occur, leaving victims seriously injured. However, when those vehicles are transporting hazardous materials (HAZMAT), the […]

Tom D'Amore

Truck Crash Victims Voice their Demands for Better Safety Rules

In an effort to reduce truck crash fatalities on our nation’s roads, crash survivors and victims’ families traveled to Capitol Hill this week to share their concerns about trucking safety with the Senate Commerce Committee. Not coincidentally, the initiative occurred […]

Eric Washburn

Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Pressure Car Accident Victims to Settle

One of the most overwhelming experiences many people are forced to deal with is being injured in a car crash caused by a negligent or reckless driver. Secondary to the damage that may have been done to your vehicle is […]